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Love And Leftovers (2011)

Love and Leftovers (2011)

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0062023586 (ISBN13: 9780062023582)
Katherine Tegen Books

About book Love And Leftovers (2011)

This book is a novel about Marcie Foster, who gets moved from Idaho to New Hampshire when her parents separate. I like this book very much. I think it was well written and it told the story very well. I read this book in less than a week, because I would just keep reading it. Marcie faces many difficult moments in this story, such as leaving her best friends, her boyfriend, and her dad when she moves back to New Hampshire with her mom. She eventually makes friends, but has to leave them when she moves back to Idaho with her dad. When she lived with her mom, she had to be the parent, since her mom became depressed after leaving her dad. She had to cook, clean, and take care of her mom. It was difficult for her, since she had her moms problems on top of her own. After reading this book, I really enjoyed it and thought that for most of the book, it had a very good plot and concept. I didn't like the ending that well, but I still thought that it wrapped up the story very well. I suggest this book to anyone. I think that most people would think that a girl would read this, but I think everyone can find something in it that they like. It has sad parts, it has funny parts, and it has parts full of suspense. This novel has become one of my favorites, and I would suggest it to all of my friends. When Marcie's parents can't get along, she moves with her mom to the East Coast from Ohio. Marcie is forced to leave behind her friends, The Leftovers, and her rocker-emo boyfriend. Along with all the challenges, also comes new experiences, mainly in the form of a top athlete from her new school. Find out what happens to Marcie in this great new book written in verse. Tregay, S. (2012). Love & leftovers: a novel in verse. New York, NY: Katherine Tegen Books.I would recommend this book to a reluctant reader who is interested in music or literature classes studying poetry.Booklist 01/01/12Publishers Weekly 11/28/11Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books 02/01/12School Library Journal starred 01/01/12Horn Book 11/01/12Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) 12/01/11Kirkus Reviews 10/01/11Wilson's Junior High School 10/01/12

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A sweet and a delightful read. It was definitely a fun read that I cannot put down.

It's formatted in a poem... but there was kinda a twist in the end. IDK...

Absolutely lovely. Gobbled it up whole in one sitting.

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