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Losing Hope (2013)

Losing Hope (2013)

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Este libro en realidad se me hizo una trampa, es prácticamente lo mismo que el primero(Hopeless)salvo unas cuantas cosas, como las cartas que Holder le escribe a Less, sin embargo, con esas cuántas cosas fue suficiente para que Colleen Hoover me atrapara una vez más, al principio estuve a punto de dejar el libro a un lado porque sentía que estaba leyendo de nuevo lo mismo, sin embargo, no me arrepiento de no haberlo dejado, el final me hizo derramar las de cocodrilo y me dejó sin palabras. Not as good as hopeless. Maybe it's because it lacked that surprise element that hopeless was full of, but you can't blame that on the companion novel. But OMG, Holder is one helluva guy. You read why he's doing those things and you get closure. I mean, hopeless ended on a pretty good note, but not as I would liked it too. In hopless, there was no after. But in Losing Hope, you get a glimpse of what's after, and you get to know things you didn't know before.

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LES' LETTER!! I cried so much!!!

I really liked this book.

reviee to come soon

Loved it


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