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Lord Stonevilles Geheimnis (2012)

Lord Stonevilles Geheimnis (2012)

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Egmont LYX

About book Lord Stonevilles Geheimnis (2012)

What can I say about The Truth About Lord Stoneville - another historical romance, where we meet a family of rebellions, read constantly how our hero feels guilty about something (that he didn't really do) and witness the beginning an blooming of a great love story.It was just the usual story. An American comes to England, meets her future spouse, but she just does not know it jet. Our English Lord does not want to marry but this American girl just turns his life upside down in a minute and the rest is history. As always, our heroine is strong and independent until she discovers she's in love and from that moment on she is starry eyed simpleton, who will do anything for her love interest, but when he says something that's the law. And our hero ... he is typical Alfa male, who roars at first when somebody wants to take his freedom and then roars when somebody wants to give him his freedom.Will I be reading the rest of the series? Not so sure about it. Oliver Sharpe is used to setting the tongues of the ton wagging, and he could care less what other people think or say, that is until his grandmother threatens to cut off the purse strings for him and his siblings unless he marries within the year. Determined to maintain his freedom, Oliver comes up with a plan to thwart his grandmother- he will bring home a fiancée; the most unacceptable one he can possibly find. Enter Maria Butterfield, an American whose background, religious affiliations, personality and political beliefs should have his grandmother changing her tune by the end of their first meeting. Unfortunately, things do not go according to plan and Oliver and Maria find that they might not be able to- or want to- dissolve their association. With a tortured hero, a spunky heroine and plenty of spice, this start to a new historical fiction series is a lovely read.

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Loved it like I do all of her books. she is a very good writer

i havnt read a beek by her i didnt love!!!

loved to buy book two ;)

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