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Looking For Adventure (2011)

Looking for Adventure (2011)

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From the very beginning Jonathan is more than just an employer to Nino. Over time, their relationship evolves into a friendship, and Nino is soon helplessly smitten by his handsome boss. But Jonathan is obviously straight like an arrow, and Nino fears rejection should Jon find out about his real feelings and his sexual orientation so he keeps them a secret. As Nino’s crush subtly turns into love, he finally can’t bear it anymore and takes the lap of faith.Jonathan has never felt attracted to another man before. But this trip has been a series of “firsts” for him, and his growing attraction for Nino is yet another one. Only that his feelings soon go far beyond sexual attraction. It doesn’t matter anymore that Nino is a man, this might be Jon’s only chance at love, and so he grabs it with both hands.Sounds familiar? Yes, it is – it’s the typical Gay For You setup, and yet it isn’t . The author takes the cliche and turns it into something worthwile, not entirely new, but far from stereotypical. Actually this book had a number of plot elements which could have easily come across as clichéd and still weren’t – the GFY, both character’s physical perfectness, a background of financial wealth, Jon’s incommunicado which lead to misunderstanding and separation - yet those were adressed with a wholeheartedness which turned them into something pleasant and familiar I could douse myself in like in a warm scented bath. I must admit I have a penchant for books that exude this feeling of heartfelt honesty, and thus I could forgive any shortcomings that would have bothered me otherwise.The exceptional situation, the slow build from trust to frindship to love makes the entire development almost believable. Nino and Jon were so cute in the serious way they discussed their respective fears and concerns, soothing and reassuring each other. And they talked about everything – love, life, music, condoms, gay and straight, fashion, books, etcetera. The talking was even a bit overdone at times, when they talked to each other like – well, like characters in a book, in well- worded sentences and long paragraphs. In the beginning their manners of speaking were very different while getting more similar the closer Jon and Nino become – Jon even comments on the fact that he starts to sound like Nino over time.Since the story is told in the alternating first person narrative voices of both main characters, we get to know both heroes very well. I immediately fell in love with Nino, who is a true hedonist and still has enough depth to keep him from being superficial. In the beginning, Jonathan is indeed the stiff Nino calls him, but he eases up pretty fast through the island life, the sun and Nino’s relaxed affection. However, it’s awfully hard to give two different first – person – narrators distinctive voices of their own, and this was barely achieved here. Yet, I could easily forgive that niggle since both characters were likeable and real.If you’re in the mood for a comforting, relaxing read with lovingly drawn, likeable characters, then go for this book, you can’t go wrong.Read the full review at

Second chances, this concept is at the core of Valentina Heart’s Looking for Adventure. At the beginning of the novel, lawyer Jonathan Morgan is a workaholic with no personal life until a doctor tells him he has a brain tumor. This revelation changes everything. After a chance encounter outside his office with bike messenger Nico, Jonathan decides he needs to get away and asks Nico to accompany him. Nico thinks he’s being employed to help Jonathan with cooking and cleaning, but only Jonathan knows the truth of his condition. The two men grow closer and this is where the story really begins as the attraction between Nico and Jonathan builds so does the drama within the book.While I enjoyed the premise of the book, sort of a post-ghosts visit Scrooge and Jonathan is changed as he realizes the things in his life have not made him happy and he decides to change his life, there were some niggles I had with portions of the plot. First, Jonathan allows Nico to fall in love with him, but doesn’t tell him he’s sick. This sort of betrayal seemed to me to be something even a character in a romance novel would have a hard time forgiving. Second, the medical issues stretched credibility and were extremely unrealistic from my perspective.But despite these concerns, Looking for Adventure is an appealing book about one man’s realization that finding and keeping love should be the most important element of his life, not work. So, if you are incurable romantic that believes love can conquer anything – then this is the book for you.Dark Divas Reviews

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This is my longest 'soon to be published' book. I would also dare to say it is the best so far. The idea didn't come from a movie or a book this time, it was a collection of experiences which I wanted to share with people who have never visited my country. I focused on the beauty of one of the islands here and modified my own memories to better fit the story. But the feeling I had when I spent my summer there was very real and I think I managed to give the characters as good of a time as I'd had it. Imagine what it would be like to let go for one summer, forget about work, your problems and all other baggage we carry daily. And instead experience all those things you never even hoped you would. You have the sun, the sea and a gorgeous man by your side to stir your imagination to the heights you never even knew it could go. That is what this book is about; finding yourself even when you didn't know you were lost and falling in love next to the whisper of the waves in the heat of summer. Side note; You have to believe in miracles;)
—Valentina Heart

It's a beautiful thing when everything clicks and you happen to pick the right read when you need it. So I'm still on vacation and I'm tired! Today I simply wanted to take a day off, park my behind on a lounge chair under some palm trees overlooking the ocean while sipping on my large iced coffee (ok, two...gotta have the caffeine) and reading a book from beginning to end without any interruptions. This book was exactly what I wanted and it totally swept me away.Jonathan grabbed me from the beginning with his 1st person POV narrative and I enjoyed his transition from Boss to Bee but I was all giddy when I realized that Nino would be having equal say in alternating chapters and I very much enjoyed being in his naughty little head. I thought it had the perfect combination of angst, fun, light, sweet, tension, intensity and aggression. I loved these guys together and I wanted their HEA by any means necessary and they got it, yay! Now with a very nice message stuck in my head, I'm even approaching the rest of my vacation differently. :D

Two months. That is the generous time period that Jonathan was given with his diagnosis. Stunned, rudderless he literally collides with Nino. Jonathan allows himself to be drawn along with Nino into a vacation (well commandeered Nino’s vacation idea), learning along the way what it is exactly that he has been missing in life.Discovery. Friendship. Adventure. Love. Living. Change. Watching Jonathan evolve was beautiful and so very heartbreaking. His words...his beautifully romantic words had me in a puddle...even though he still fumbled. *sigh* Everyone needs a Nino in our life to remind us what is important, how to live. I had this much (….) left to read and thought that I could finish it at lunch and then...nooo! I had to stop at crucial point and wait ALL afternoon to finish the last few pages. One Week Valentina! I was dying for Nino all afternoon. Very distracting. You try to go to a P&L meeting and stay focused when you don’t know what happens next. I sat in the car in the parking lot and read the last dozen pages because I couldn’t wait until I got home. Loved it! bzzzzzz
—Lexi Ander

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