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Look Again (2009)

Look Again (2009)

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0312380720 (ISBN13: 9780312380724)
St. Martin's Press

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The first half of this book was promising. Unlike some other reviews, I was not expecting a thriller and thus was surprised at the change in direction midway through the book. Of course, if I had been expecting a thriller, I would have been disappointed. The emotional/moral dilemma fell short as all the pieces fell into place. And will someone tell me why the sexy Latin heartthrob went for Ellen? I didn't buy it. A typical Lisa Scottoline novel. Good story line, but as others said, some things were predictable and other things preposterous. However, it is fiction--not true life!! It was a welcome break from some heavier reading I had been doing. Heard it on audiobook--good narration by Mary Stuart Masterson. I do like that her books take place in Philadelphia and its suburbs. It is always fun to recognize places she refers to.

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It was a nerve wrecking read but I loved how it ended. Beautifully done

First book I have read by this author. I liked it.

Awesome book!

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