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L'odore Della Notte (2011)

L'odore della notte (2011)

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8834717937 (ISBN13: 9788834717936)

About book L'odore Della Notte (2011)

Another great read. I am really enjoying these books. Great villains and truly wicked schemes causing all kinds of havoc. This was hard to read in that the villains (spoilers) manages to split Cat and Bones up for a time. And that's always hard to handle when you want that perfect love story to be them against the world. But once again great world building, strong characters , believable dialogue and fun vampire biting. Love this series. I am really enjoying this series. It has it all, drama, humour, fighting, love, hate, gore and all that goes with it. I feel in this book there is a lot of changes. Huge changes and ones that will change things forever and not always for the better. I love how Bones and Cat are together. The fearlessly love one another sometimes to the point of combustion. They both have some very strong allies and friends. I was sceptical about Fabian, i thought he was a spy for Gregor and i was so happy to be proved wrong. I am glad he is a loyal friend to Cat. I am gutted Rodney died, i hoped he might of been able to be brought back but sadly it appears not. He did seem to really care about Cat's mum, Justina. I hope she learns to adapt and enjoy her new life.

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Wow wasn't expecting this!!,!, seriously amazing book!

This series is quite the page turner!!!!!!!!

The best one yet! I even cried a little!!


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