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Line Of Scrimmage (2008)

Line of Scrimmage (2008)

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About book Line Of Scrimmage (2008)

Quarterback Ryan Sanderson has come to realize that the Super Bowl Championship doesn't mean anything without his wife, Susannah, by his side. With only days left until their divorce is final, Ryan has to convince Susannah to give him a second chance.The hero is very romantic, pulling out all stops to win over his soon-to-be ex-wife. I thought this book had a very original plot that you don't see everyday in romance. If you're looking for something different, give this book a try. My rating: 4 Stars. The first to know about this book is that it is looong. I read the ebook version and it was 30% longer than other books of the same genre. I have no problem with long books but when I thought it was almost over I checked how much more there was left and I was only 45% through the book. The main plot was resolved quickly; the main characters were not getting divorced. The angry ex tries to split them up a few times (one attempt would have been enough) which brings out some of the issues that brought the couple to divorce in the first place. Perhaps the extra pages were meant to bring some more depth to the characters which wasn't necessary. But its pretty straight forward saccharine sports romance. It didn't stretch out long enough for me to stop reading but if you start reading it and have something else to do you can stop when the characters arrive back from the cabin and not miss much.

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Such a frustrating book, full of frustrating characters!!! Totally not worth reading this book.

Ryan Sanderson may be my favorite book boyfriend ever! Steamy steamy steamy. Great book.

One of the worst books I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

Not bad, for being very predictable.

3.5 stars

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