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L'inconfondibile Tristezza Della Torta Al Limone (2010)

L'inconfondibile tristezza della torta al limone (2010)

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About book L'inconfondibile Tristezza Della Torta Al Limone (2010)

This book was an adventure, but a quiet one. Other books have transported me from place to place, but The Particular Sadness of a Lemon Cake was like flipping through episodes of a TV show. I liked the idea about "special skills" and how everyone seems to deal differently. There was no thrill, there was no final closure, all I am left with is the aftertaste of sadness and longing. May my review be as cliche and confusing as the book heh. The characters in this book just don't add up for me. Sure, there are some twists and turns and unique things they can experience, but I have no idea what their motivations are, who they really are. What struck me most was how her father and mother met (I won't ruin it for those of you who haven't read). The father she knows would never have done what he did to meet her mother - I just can't see it in him. And I can't understand who her mother is or who her brother is or even who she is and what she's feeling. For someone who can detect all these deep emotions in food, she doesn't seem to have any emotions of her own to describe.Anyway, I give it an "ok" because it did keep me reading, but I was left with no resolution of the plot because there was no depth of understanding of the characters.My pet peeve with this book was that the author didn't use quotation marks for dialogue. So half the time I didn't know if someone was speaking or thinking. Use quotations! So many authors now think it's "cool" or it helps the flow of the story, but it really doesn't. It just makes the reader confused most of the time.

Do You like book L'inconfondibile Tristezza Della Torta Al Limone (2010)?

Enjoyable throughout, although I do think there could have been a little more depth of plot.

The ending was abrupt and awkward keeping this book from earning 5 stars.

An incredibly original story that is also incredibly haunting.

3.5 really.

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