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Life And Laughing: My Story (2010)

Life And Laughing: My Story (2010)

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0718155815 (ISBN13: 9780718155810)
Michael Joseph

About book Life And Laughing: My Story (2010)

An absolute joy to read. This book had everything you want from an autobiography. The early life stories of family, friends, musings of maturing into an adult and tragic yet humoures stories of persuit of the opposite sex. The first steps and hardships that follow as the celebrity you're reading about finds their feet and gets the break in the career you already know they have. And then it's wrapped up nicely with a chapter talking about how things have got better and better 3 years after the big break.Once I started I couldn't put this book down. And, just like McIntyre's stand up, it was laugh out loud, tears rolling down your face, oh my god I'm struggling to breathe hillarious. Highly recommended. Michael McIntyre is one my favourite comedians and reading about his life has renewed my love of him and his work.The only issues I had with this autobiography were really minor. In the first half of the book there were the odd occasions where McIntyre would skip suddenly from speaking of his teenage years to suddenly speaking about being a baby to then talking about being an adult. So it was a little confusing nearer the beginning but by the middle he is writing completely chronologically so that was a lot easier to follow.I really enjoy the way McIntyre does his stand up comedy and the way he writes in this autobiography is exactly the same as how he speaks when he's on stage. The only problem I had with this was that he occasionally wrote out entire jokes that I have heard him say countless times so the punchlines weren't that punchy for me!I would highly recommend to anyone who has an interest in Michael McIntye and life!

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Just started and I've already had a couple of laughs. He's always been my favourite comedian.

Hilarious, great rag to riches story without getting full and predictable :)

Laugh out loud funny! I love this man!

wonderfully hilarious!!

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