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Libriomancer (2012)

Libriomancer (2012)

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0756407397 (ISBN13: 9780756407391)

About book Libriomancer (2012)

This was the first Jim C. Hines book I read. I am late-come to the fold, I guess, and have actually been reading his blog longer than his novels. (Good reading on his blog, by the way).Anyhow, I very much liked Libriomancer, both the concept and the characters were fascinating and easy to get into. I picked it up on a Saturday morning, and binge-read the entire thing in one day (chores? hah! slagged off anything I couldn't do one-handed while carrying a book) and then immediately headed to the fabulous internets to purchase the second in the series and the first in his Princess series (Stepsister Scheme). Oh I so want to be Isaac!! A librarian who can put his hand into books & pull out magical objects, how flipping cool is that?! I struggled a little at first with liking his pet - a large fire spider called Smudge - due to my arachnophobia but by the end of the book I was quite fond of him. Loved all the references to other books, especially using Lucy's healing potion & sprinkling fairy dust. Love interest Lena is a very interesting character, being programmed to be subservient & sexually compliant to whomever she is partnered with and it was great to see her becoming more of her own woman as the story progressed. Will have to read book 2, definitely!

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I read this book yesterday. I really still have no idea how I feel about it.

Loved this book. Wonderful fantasy escape!

good concept - execution a bit lacking

Not for me.

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