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Lethal Rider (2012)

Lethal Rider (2012)

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074995552X (ISBN13: 9780749955526)
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About book Lethal Rider (2012)

I have to say, I had high hopes for this series, but I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about. The idea of the 4 horsemen (one is a woman, I loved that twist) and dual prophecies for the Apocalypse are intriguing, but after a while, I just wanted the story to be over. The writing is good, but I felt I was being dragged through the story, rather than enjoying a complex plot or some intrigue. Very predictable, and slow moving... so much so, I read this over a span of two weeks rather than in one day, as I normally do. Absolutely loved the whole thing! By far my favorite of the series so far and I have a feeling that Reseph's book is going to keep blowing my mind. I really admire Ione's ability to create such a rich and diverse world and still deliver one book more amazing than the last. We get to know how Thanatos' story is going to start while still reading Immortal Rider, fact that gave the characters the chance to really develop some more in Lethal Rider. Than and Regan had some incredible things to work out in their relationship, which created some amazingly emotion filled scenes between the two of them and some of the other characters. I fell in love with them both, but the great thing about this book was that you don't exactly know how things are going to end until he very last couple of chapters. Incredible!

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Adorei a estória de Than e Regan, melhor livro da série até agora!!!!

I really liked this one. Thanatos just might be my favorite horseman.

Love this series..humor, action, past characters, steamy hot scenes..

Some good parts some boring parts. Meh!

perfect again

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