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Let The Circle Be Unbroken (1995)

Let the Circle Be Unbroken (1995)

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This was book #5 (book 6) of the Logan series written by Ms Taylor. She didn't write in the beginning of this one this is what she wrote in the first pages of "The Land" (book #1 of the series) and it applies to this book as well... "...Although there are those who wish to ban my books because I have used language that is painful, I have chosen to use the language that was spoken during the period, for I refuse to whitewash history. The language was painful and life was painful for many Africian Americans, including my family." So if your pre-teenage child is reading this it may allow you to open up discussion to things (s)he may never have had to encounter in our society today (as far as the language). But she writes true to her words, if she had changed the language then the book wouldn't have been as Historically OR family accurate to be as good as it was!This is such a wonderful true story. Ms Taylor takes the stories she has grown up listening to from her grandparents and uncles-aunts and takes the stories her parents and uncles and aunts have told her and combine them for this story! Knowing that made it even more wonderful. This is book 6 of this series of books. There are 8 books in this 'Logan' series which many people don't realize since book #4 apparently was Ms Taylor's first book she wrote for this series. Since it won awards and she had so much more history to write she took off with it and make it into a series. Some of the books are 'novels' and others are smaller 90 page 'children's' books (looks like labeled for ages 7-11 according to Amazon) but as an adult I have loved all of the books and am looking forward to reading the last book in the series. Now with that being said... I am white and I nor any of my family have ever had to deal with what 'freed' slaves or a child from a mixed family has had to deal with. In reading this within the first few chapters my heart went out because the same emotions that was written within this book during the depression-segregating era is the same emotions that one of my friends is dealing with with her mixed race granddaughter in today's society. I couldn't believe that these emotions are still the same today! In this book the Logan children have to go to a segregated school away from the white children. This story is one of great emotions as every night the Logan family have to wait and worry if the 'night riders' will come, (she went into more detail in previous books about that issue but it's still very 'real' in this book) The Logan's dad has to travel a lot to find work to pay the mortgage on their farm; but while he's gone they get a friend that no longer has any family (due to racism) and he lives in the shed but takes care of the family throughout the book. And with the children, especially the oldest son getting to be a teenager the Mama and the children doesn't like Dad leaving. The kids still want to go do the things white folks do (like use the inside bathroom at the courthouse)but the adults have to really be with them simply because they don't know the repercussions if they do these things. In this book there is the lingering repercussions of a black friend of theirs and what he got into trouble with when he did become friends with two white boys... the older kids are allowed to go to the trial where he is put in front of a white judge and a jury of white men. The children simply doesn't understand but they try. The oldest son thinks he's old enough to leave home and bring back money for the family but again he soon learns what life is like for a black person outside his protective home. Wonderful book, personally still like the first book "The Land" the most out of this series but I love that time of our History as well...But Ms Taylor has written all these books almost as equals and I'm glad I am reading them

The book is about a family that struggles during segregationa and they face alot of racism.In the first book Roll of thunder,Hear my cry a boy name T.j Avery went in the store with two white boys and they stole a gun but the store owner was killed and he was convicted even though he didn't shoot the man. So T.j was sent to jail because he was found guilty just because he was black and they knew the white boys had killed the man. I liked the book because it about the everyday struggle african americans went through everyday and it had it's funny and sad parts but it was a well written book. "Poor Christopher-John had fallen into the hands of Miss Daisy Crocker. I greatly sympathized him, but as in everything else, Christopher John tried to see the bright side in having to face such a shrew every morning. "Maybe she done changed," he said hopefully on the first day of school. However, when classes were over he was noticeably quiet. Well?" I asked him. He shrugged dejectedly and admitted, "She still the same." — Mildred D. Taylor (Let the Circle Be Unbroken) I liked the way the author made the Logan's a strong and loving family instead of a family that isn't very close. The structure of this book is very organized and easy to understand. I didn't agree with Stacey Logan leaving because i believed that he was still a child but i was proud that he was trying to be helpful even though Mary Logan just wanted him to enjoy his childhood and not grow up too fast. I enjoyed the book overall because it was well written and i like Mildred D. Taylor's style of writing.

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This book was an inspirational book and as the author stated you really will be touched by this book. If you put the time an effort to read and interpret what the author is saying, the message of this book is bound to get to you. This book is a re-enactment of country segregation. The Logan family experiences much trouble and hardships but in the end... well you have to read it to find out. Other families become homeless, children are killed, and even there oldest son goes missing. New taxes come and for a farming family taxes are not an easy thing. The white folks treat the blacks like dirt and regard them as not being allowed to do anything. Even you are part black if you have any "negro" blood as they say, your black. Many more troubles are hidden in the story which you will have to find out as you read along. Overall this book is amazing and intriguing and it really teaches you a great deal about our country's history. I recommend everyone to read this book because it truly is a great book.
—Ezenna Onuoha

My love for the Logan Family began when I read "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry". I was really intrigued by the story. Mildred D. Taylor does a superb job of making the reader feel as though the Logans became are a part of your own family. It's so natural, and I'm glad to have continued reading their story in "Let the Circle Be Unbroken". I found this continuation of their story to be even better than the first book. Which is almost unheard of because most sequels have a bad reputation of not being as good as the original. But that was not the case for this novel. The book starts out a bit slow, but quickly heats up. TJ is going on trial for something he didn't do and has to face an all white jury. Bud shows up with news that he has married a white woman had now has a daughter with her. Their daughter Suzella live with the Logans for a while. But while there she tries to pass for being white, with humiliating consequences. And when Cassie Logan's neighbor, Mrs. Annie stands up for her right to vote, she and her family are driven from their home.I love how this novel intertwines more historical events into the storyline than the first book. The reader gets a better overall feeling for the hardships and government programs of the Depression Era, the cruel treatment of farm laborers, the fledgling agricultural labor unions, and the disparities between North and South in their treatment of Black citizens. The characers are well developed, real, and have their own uniqueness. The author does a marvelous job of weaving history into a storyline which still keeps the reader emotionally invested in the Logans and the tribulations they face in their lives. This is an excellent historical fiction novel to teach in the classroom because there are so many aspects about how life was during the Great Depression that students can get from it. This is a must read sequel to "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry".

The book, Let The Circle Be Unbroken was a great book! This book was filled with adventures and I loved it! I did not really understand why Cassie’s papa would not let her play marbles with her friends. One thing that really confused me in this book was, all the different names and how the people talked, pg161 “ Not since papa passed. With him and sister Lottie both gone, I didn’t much want to go back.” I think I was just confused about the names because there were so many characters that had little parts so I got them all, confused with each other. tI really liked being in the shoes of a young black lady in the 1930’s. I loved hearing about all her wield adventures and, struggles. One thing that I wish the book had more of is, personification or, diction. But other than those things I thought it was great!

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