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Lento (2013)

Lento (2013)

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About book Lento (2013)

I liked this book very much.I give it 4 1/2 stars.Characters:Maddie Turner: socialite, Ice Princess, unlucky in loveTabby Turner: socialite, sister to MaddieJake Wallace: paramedic, guy next door, caringDeborah Turner: Step-mom to Maddie and TabbyJason Turner: Father to Maddie and Tabby, husband of Deborah, no love marriageStory Line:Maddie and Jake met at the Give A Kid A Christmas auction, where is buys him, believing her step-mom was going to purchase him. Maddie believes Jake is a stockbrocker, gigolo, when in reality he is a paramedic. There was some confusion at the pushliers and two bios where mixed up. Jake a paramdic was number 19 and number 20 was a stockbrocker/gigolo, expert in satisfying a woman.Through many misunderstanding and twist, as well as plenty of hot sex between Maddie and Jake, they even the score. My Thoughts:I loved all the bantering between Jake and Maddie. There was a lot of mistaken identity in the book brought on by the way Jake handled himself. So Maddie believed he was a gigolo. I loved that the author set the record striaght in a private conversation between the two. Would of been more dramatic in publlic but not all things need to be done in public. All in all a good book Buying a bachelor at an auction? Just to keep your stepmom from cheating? The premise is a little unrealistic, at least in my world. Maddy bids on Jake at a charity auction, not knowing what this expensive date will really cost her. While she proclaims to be unlike those in her social circle she does judge people quickly and without enough information. She assumes an awful lot about those around her, but does little to seek the truth. Jake, an easy going, kind-hearted guy goes a long way in teaching her how wrong this is. I do feel that perhaps Jake is a little too accepting and accommodating, he is the type of guy some people would walk all over. While he is appalled that Maddy thinks he is a gigolo, he quickly accepts the money in order to spend more time with her. He does nothing to dispell her misconceptions, even though he proclaims to really like deceptions - double standards or miswriting of the character?Typical romane, the well matched could ends up happily ever after! This one pulled at my heartstrings - I Really love when the characters bring out the best in each other, making each individual a better person.

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Pace was good. Characters were fairly well defined. I look forward to reading more by this author.

Very cute story. But it's very predictible. It was a nice read but it took to long to finished.

Very interesting book lol... very HOT!!

Loved every moment of this book.

Not a bad story. I enjoyed it.

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