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Le Vite Impossibili Di Greta Wells (2013)

Le vite impossibili di Greta Wells (2013)

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About book Le Vite Impossibili Di Greta Wells (2013)

I'm a sucker for time travel books, and this one didn't disappoint although I think I had such high expectations that I ended up back down at 3 stars, probably 3.5 really. I don't want to give away what happens because how each author conceives of time travel and the experience the main character has is part of the great fun of this genre. Suffice it to say, I think Greer is a great writer and I thought the approach to the book was really creative. While many time travel books contemplate how one's existence in the past may alter the future, this one focused more on exploring how one's life could be different (and the same) depending on the setting of time. In fact, it is the similarities that are most intriguing, and allow us to contemplate what about 'us' would be different if we lived at a different time? Would the actions we take to the same set of circumstances be different based on the cultural norms of the time? What impact would this have on our ability to be happy? Would the unfolding of events in a different time persuade us to take a different approach in another era? Which relationships would we prioritize, or sacrifice for? While I really enjoyed the book, I think the only thing holding me back on rating this book higher is that I didn't relate as well to the main characters. There was one I liked the best, but overall I think I would have enjoyed a little more character development up front before diving into the rest of the book. I LOVED this book - totally engrossing, totally original. It had such a sharp, new premise, a woman's different selves traveling through time, meddling in each others lives without ever meeting each other. This novel was so well written - it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think about the AIDS epidemic in a whole new light. I especially loved the character development. Aunt Ruth and Freddie were angels in every time period. This book is an absolute must read, I strongly recommend it to everyone!

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Couldn't put it down. An interesting take on time travel, so its a bit of a historical fiction.

Bravo! It was SO worth it!

I wish I had this book now!

Great fluff read or summer

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