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Le Dernier Jour De Ma Vie (2011)

Le dernier jour de ma vie (2011)

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2012021255 (ISBN13: 9782012021259)

About book Le Dernier Jour De Ma Vie (2011)

This book was sort of "The Butterfly Effect" meets "Mean Girls" insofar as it centers on a clique of four high school girls, and provides to readers an understanding of how a single action can lead to a series of predictable or unpredictable outcomes. The framework of the story was unexpected, and while it is the most difficult aspect of the story for me, Oliver nonetheless makes it work. One knows they may or may not die as a consequence of A, B and/or C. Here. You have a week to create a conclusion that meets your definition of a successful outcome.In the end, I liked the primary characters more than I thought possible. In the end, I still despised their decisions that could not undue what should never have occurred.The story told is sad and unrelenting. No. Readers are never invited to learn to love fallable teens. But perhaps, with more thought, we could leant to This book was horrible and beautiful at the same time. Clever? Yes. Well written? Maybe. Inappropriate? Definitely.There is no marking that this book contains the frick frack. I, an innocent fifth grader, started to read this book, not knowing what I was getting into.You may think my guardians irresponsible, but i had already read harry potter and the hunger games; I was used to young adult fiction and censoring a few bad words here and there. But this book had pervs and teenagers and pushover parents. Maybe this book could be good for a twenty something, but in my opinion, it has no business in YA fiction and should take a spot in the bottom shelf of the adult fiction. Over all, probably 1.5 stars. To this day, I'm nervous to read YA fiction because of this book.

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Another good summer read---inspired plenty of conversations as my 17-yr-old and I read it together.

Interesting take on life after death. Well written and i'm glad i picked it up

the beginning was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring

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