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Le Belve (2011)

Le belve (2011)

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About book Le Belve (2011)

This book is a reminder of why I should never give up reading fiction books as it is one that once you start, you can't put down. Chon and Ben, who are a former Navy Seal and a brilliant philanthropic guy, are best friends who are drug dealers in California. They have a free will girl who is best friends with them both and who sleeps with them both (they are aware of this) named O who constantly spends time with them. A mexican cartel gang wants to start selling the dope Chon and Ben produce so they get in touch with them and Chon and Ben refuse to do so. The cartel ends up kidnapping O and holding her ransom for $20 million and the rest of the book is about all of the events and escapades that unfold as a result of them going toe to toe with the Mexican cartel. Extremely entertaining book that you can't put down so highly reccomend to anyone looking for an adventurous and fun read I’m somewhat conflicted on this book. The book takes place in southern California, and typical of so many living the California life, the characters appear shallow and hollow. The three central characters are Ben, Chon and their shared girlfriend “O” (I do mean shared). O lives her life for only two things, shopping with her mother’s money and sex. However, Ben and Chon become financially successful—through the selling of the best grade pot. The Mexican cartel wants in on their bueno pot, and they capture O in order to force Ben and Chon to produce for them. However, Ben and Chon decide to find another solution, one that leads to a string of unbelievable events. The writing style felt somewhat robotic and unemotional, but that was likely intentional as it added to the lack of human depth exhibited by any of the characters. In terms of an easy to read trashy ride, this book suffices.

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Graphic - in every respect - but decent thriller storyline.

The best first chapter of any book I have read.

Brutal, but a quick read. sucked me right in!


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