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Lauf, Wenn Es Dunkel Wird (2012)

Lauf, wenn es dunkel wird (2012)

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Planet Girl

About book Lauf, Wenn Es Dunkel Wird (2012)

I think this is a very interesting story. This book is about a 15 year old girl named Cheyenne who is blind and is very sick with pneomia. Cheyenne was waiting in the car, for her stepmom to get her antibiotics, when a car thug ( Griffin ) stole the car. Griffin hadn’t meant to kidnap her, but it was too late to return her. Griffin’s dad ( Roy ) owned a chop shop where they sold illegal car parts. The parts were illegal because they got them from stolen cars to resell. When Griffin got to his house he showed his dad the car and Cheyenne, and they decided that they would drop her off at the woods later, until they saw a missing persons’ report in the news and found out that her dad was the Nike president. They decided they were going to ransom her for five million dollars.I liked this book a lot even though I was annoyed at how much Roy asked for the ransom. I thought he was really stupid to not think about all the ways the police could track them, using the money. I did like though that it showed both Griffin’s and Cheyenne’s thoughts. Although the story was kind of predictable in a way I still liked it. I felt a lot of sympathy towards Griffin because it’s not his fault he’s a thief, even if he didn’t want to be he’s probably be forced. I chose the book "Girl Stolen" by April Henry because of the way the writer describes things. When I read the book,I feel as if i'm in the story. When she describes how Cheyenne feels about her being blind it feels so real like is almost me that's speaking to her.I honestly think that the book I choose is a just right book for me because it doesn't introduce to many characters . Its also a book with very few words I don't understand in it. The book is just the kind of book i wanted because of how Cheyenne being blind affects so much in the story it just kind of pulled me into the story so much more. Griffin isn't so smart though, and Cheyenne goes to a school for advanced learners.

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The writing was really dumb and the characters were dumb. It was just generally dumb.

love it a real page turner

I liked this book a lot!

it was good


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