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La Verdad Sobre Lord Stoneville (2012)

La verdad sobre Lord Stoneville (2012)

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About book La Verdad Sobre Lord Stoneville (2012)

This book brought back the feeling I had when I first discovered and fell in love with Historical Roman two years ago in 2012. There’s something about this book and the writing that takes me back to that when I was excited and immerse in it. I reveled in this story and I read it leisurely (aka unrushed). For some time now the buildup of my TBR list has made me want to read book after book trying to finish books faster than I add to my TBR list. This book, for some inexplicable reason, slowed me down to just enjoy reading. On to my book review...This book, if you didn’t already know from my rating, is just splendid! The H/h are feisty and charming. Oliver hides a vulnerable heart and a guilty conscience behind a rogue persona. Maria has pluck and an American attitude (as she ought since she is American) – which works great against Oliver’s personality. There’s so much appeal, sexiness, and chemistry between the H/h and the fact that they try so hard to distance themselves from their need and attraction makes it all even better. When they are physically near, they can’t seem to help but surrender themselves to the other because they are just so drawn that it’s almost like it’s out of their control. However, when they are apart, their inner struggle to stay away from each other and thinking of the other as a forbidden fruit – of sorts – is wonderful reading material!! Just a perfect pairing.Some other highlights in this book for me are:Freddy – Oh my! So so so funny! I love him…surprisingly above anything or anyone else. He was my favorite character. He’s the one who made me laugh and smile the most. Even knowing that he was in the room made me anticipate that something funny will be said or done. He is also so endearing, honest, and although he’s naïve in A LOT ways, he did have his useful moments. The mystery the night Oliver’s parents died - I liked the hidden mystery behind the death of Oliver’s parents and the fact that it remains a mystery into the second book.The family - the siblings and the grandmother are fantastic, they added so much to the story especially with respect to the humor. I think that they all have a certain vulnerability to them – having lived in a household with a loveless marriage – yet they have a certain strength individually; and although they have been scrutinized by the public they have remained strong as a band of siblings with their grandmother’s help of course. Plus I really like the fact that the romantic blood that runs from their mother’s side of the family is being stirred with their grandmother’s ultimatum. Great start to a series! Highly recommended :) I struggled with the book right from the start. So boring! This author should not write period pieces...she doesn't get it or understand it. The story was full of plot errors and flat characters. I kept waiting for her to flesh out the characters and it never happened. I kept falling asleep while trying to finish this. I don't leave books unfinished so I had to force myself to finish this one. I found myself loosing concentration and reading sections over and over...because they were so boring and made no sence. I would not recommend this book or author to anyone.

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Loved this battle of wits between Grandmother, son, and pretend fiancee! VERY humorous in places!

Pretty good. Not the Bridgertons but pretty good. First book by Sabrina Jeffries.

Great book. Looking reading the next one in the series.

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