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La Principessa Di Ghiaccio (2010)

La principessa di ghiaccio (2010)

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8831799576 (ISBN13: 9788831799577)

About book La Principessa Di Ghiaccio (2010)

I'd say 3.5 stars, but still, when faced with the choice between 3 and 4, I'll go with three. This was an entertaining read and it was nice to read a crime story placed in a small town in Sweden. I also liked how the people were presented in a lot of detail.That said, at times, I felt that the book moved too slow and the pacing wasn't quite there (what's the thing with the never-ending chapters?). Also, in the end, I wasn't quite satisfied with the ending. After all those pages, the book ended a little abruptly.I still enjoyed the book and will probably continue with the series — this was Läckberg's first novel, so I have high hopes that she will keep improving from book to book. We'll see. The truth is I only began to read this book because I was really bored and it was the only one near by. I have to say that at first, I didn’t understand it very well because it seemed like there were a lot of distinctive characters and I didn’t no how to organize them in my head, hahaha >.< However, little by little I found myself reading it in moment of calmness, and I couldn’t wait to get to the end. Halfway through, I started imagining who could have been the assassin, and why such a peaceful death. It’s amazing how the author made so that we keep thinking about who could have been the killer and how at the beginning of each chapter, we’re left with foolish faces because it doesn’t makes sense what she tells us.Occasionally, the story goes back to the past, and from the beginning it makes you wonder why, but it doesn’t make it easy at all. Truth be told what left me like a stone was the ending, I did think for one bit that the killer would be who it was. I promise you, you’ll love this book . . . It has an incredible history filled with secrets that could never be confessed, or how the book put it “In a town that hides many secrets is dangerous to know the truth”.

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Decent mystery in the Swedish noir style. Great to read on a cold day with lots of coffee.

Bello.Bella storia, bei protagopnisti, sia buoni che cattivi. :)Per nulla freddo :)))

This was great! Can't wait to read the whole series.

Good interesting murder mystery

Good story a very twisty plot.

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