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La Princesse Des Glaces (2008)

La Princesse des glaces (2008)

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About book La Princesse Des Glaces (2008)

Move over, Steig Larsson. He's great (I loved his trilogy) but I think I might like this other Swedish writer just as much.I had never heard of Camilla Lackberg, but I stumbled onto this one at the library, saw that it had won an award, and figured I'd give it a try.I was blown away. Actually pretty similar to something Larsson might have written. Crime fiction, with dark secrets that have been hidden in closets for years.I did the audio version. The reader was outstanding. Like many other reviewers, I too was looking for another Swedish mystery writer that would offer me insights into Swedish culture and society like Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson. I also had high expectations with this novel that sadly were not met. I have mixed feelings about this first novel.While there are a number of intriguing sections and passages that displayed some strong writing, there were several convoluted threads of plot that seemed unnecessary. Lackberg seems to have packed too much into her first novel and much of it falls flat and seems rather trite. There is also little suspense in this novel. For nearly the first 250 pages I kept wondering where she was going with all of these first person narrative portraits. Some of these were quite good; others I lost interest in and they seemed pointless and ultimately had no bearing on the plot other than to serve as weak red herrings. When the killer is revealed, the denouement lacked any dramatic edge and seemed rather perfunctory. There are no intriguing plot twists and clues found along the way are not revealed to the reader until later when there is no real punch to the clue. This leaves the reader guessing and then forgetting about it until it's referred to fifty pages later.I don't know if this is the fault of the writer, editor or translator. Given the fact that Steven Murray translated this work along with some of Mankell's novels, I would not blame the translator. Lackberg ultimately bears responsibility for this. I'm not dismissing her completely based solely on a weak first novel. Her later work seems to have produced some positive reviews including those of Maureen Corrigan, someone whose reviews I respect. I will continue to read her others until I realize that she has not improved.

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I really enjoyed this book it was an easy read and intrigues me enough to keep me turning pages.

A very engaging read. A good murder mystery with all the ends tied up.

A La Henning Mankell

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