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La Princesse De Verre (2012)

La princesse de verre (2012)

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About book La Princesse De Verre (2012)

Hahaha I absolutly love Poppy. A very interesting Cinderella story. My favarite parts were Poppy going to get a stick to stop the fight Marrianes fathers comment to Dickon and Poppy deciding that she would blasted well dance at her wedding.Still finding the whole its Ionia not europe but yet its obvisouly europe kinda anoying. but the touches of humor and Poppys brilant character make it less so. To be fair, probably more like a 3.5. I did enjoy it. Just not as much as I thought I would.I felt this second book in George's series just lacked the charm of "Princess of the Midnight Ball." The depth as well. It felt like the author was trying a bit too hard to recapture what she achieved in the first book, but it wound up falling short.The premise was interesting, and I did kind of like the idea of combining two famous dancing fairy tales. And it was a very quick read. But in a way, that was my biggest problem with it. It was TOO fast for me, I felt like I was being pulled too swiftly through a scene without being able to pause and enjoy the view. Everything was simply written just above the surface, I wanted to go deeper into things; it ended up feeling more or less superficial. And it wasn't until more than halfway through the book that I even LIKED the Cinderella character at all.I'd have liked this book to be more about Eleanora (Cinderella), in fact, than it actually was. I felt we got too little of her. Not that I didn't enjoy Poppy, but it does become a tricky thing when combining two unique stories to find the balance between them so one doesn't overshadow the other and leave the reader feeling unfulfilled. In this case, I felt cheated out of Cinderella's part of the story. There wasn't enough of it, and the two competing elements drove each other out too much for me. In essence, I felt there really wasn't enough of EITHER, but especially with the Cinderella story, given that we've already delved into the twelve princesses and THEIR story in the previous book.In the end, it did fall flat to me, but I didn't hate it and I only despaired because I saw more potential in it than I felt it lived up to.

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Really cute story. Quick read. Great twist of Cinderella. I very much liked this story.

Excellent! Everything I would come to expect from Jessica Day George!

I really enjoyed this second instalment!

One of the best books ever!!

I love poppy!!!

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