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La Fille Qui Ne Croyait Pas Aux Miracles (2012)

La fille qui ne croyait pas aux miracles (2012)

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2012023746 (ISBN13: 9782012023741)
Hachette Jeunesse

About book La Fille Qui Ne Croyait Pas Aux Miracles (2012)

I know, I know, but it was on a list that that it was similar to The Fault in Our Stars--which I really liked. This book was not nearly as endearing, the characters weren't very developed and the author (and editor) should be ashamed w/themselves for their complete lack of basic fact-checking. I allow a lot of leeway w/fiction, but if you're going to mention flamingoes in one way or another probably 100 times in the book, you should actually know just a little bit about flamingoes--you know, that they don't actually live in FL, are not "native" to FL, and would be a rare sight in FL (even in the Keys). Sloppy and makes me question anything else the author puts out there. I picked up this book because it was on a “The Fault In Our Stars” cancer-themed display at Hastings. I had just seen the TFIOS movie and was kind of in the mood for another tear-jerker. I wasn’t expecting such a cute, quirky book or characters I would love so much.Here’s the rundown: Campbell is terminally ill, and in a last-ditch attempt to save her life, her mother and sister take her to Promise, Maine, where miracles are said to occur. Cam doesn’t want anything to do with the trip. She’s dying, and that’s that. There’s no reason to give anyone false hope, right?While The Probability of Miracles delivered the hoped-for cry session (and it’s a doozy, beware), it was so much more than that. I adored snarky, bad-girl, hula-dancing Cam, and her little sister Perry. The relationship growth between these two was real, hilarious, and touching. I fell in love with Promise, it’s unusual residents and unlikely situations. And I even enjoyed the romance here, unlike most books I’ve read lately. Asher, while not a deeply explored character, is also not awful (the bar set by most YA romances I’ve read). I liked him, and his motivations and fear felt real.There are a lot of details this book explores perfectly (cultural identity, step parents, family in general, friendship,first loves, etc.) outside of the main cancer theme, because it is not about dying. It’s about living. It’s about how death and sadness and the inevitability of bad things happening don’t negate hope, but make it more important.The Probability Of Miracles will stick with you. I definitely recommend it and am looking forward to reading some more of Wendy Wunder’s work!

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I'm at my school's library and I am literally crying. This book is too good.

Speechless. OMG!


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