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La Figlia Dei Ricordi (2013)

La figlia dei ricordi (2013)

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About book La Figlia Dei Ricordi (2013)

Reba, young journalist and almost bride, is determined to get an interview with the woman who owns the German bakery in town. Once a friendship is established, Reba learns of a young woman, caught in a rapidly changing Germany, at the end of WWII. At first, young Elsie was determined to maintain the status quo while her parents continued to run their bakery and her sister maintained close work with the Nazis. But one day, when a Jewish boy arrived at the bakery begging for help, Elsie had to make some life and death decisions that would invariably impact her relationship with her fiance, would endanger her parents, and could bring shame upon her beloved sister.This book had a lot going on, and at first, I found that confusing. The host of characters and their individual love interests and stresses seemed a little tangled. Furthermore, the huge difference between Nazi Germany and El Paso, Texas gave me a sort of book whiplash as I traveled between the two locations. However, something clicked about a quarter of the way through the book, and I began to draw parallels that made the story feel resonant and moving. The mutual relational heartaches, the family stresses, and the deep secrets the characters felt compelled to keep create some far-reaching and universal questions that pulled me in and gripped my heart in spite of the difference in background and culture. I almost didn't read this book but I"m so glad I took the time to do so. I loved Elsie's story - it's one that will stick with me long after I put this book down. I know it's fiction but it was vivid and detailed so much that it drew me into the story. I wasn't as excited over Reba's storyline, some of that i skimmed over. the sad truth about this story is that people really did live through circumstances such as this.

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Loved it. Interesting Correlation between History of Holocaust and current Border Patrol.

Good book! Although I found the story of Elsie WAY more compelling thanthat of Reba.

This is a good beach book. Interesting perspective of a German family during WWII.

I enjoyed Elsie's story but Reba's was just sort of annoying to me.

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