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La Diseuse D'ombres (2013)

La diseuse d'ombres (2013)

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About book La Diseuse D'ombres (2013)

I liked this book. There was a lot of action, suspense, and a ton of likable characters. What I didn't realize before reading it, was that there was a major love triangle. I hate those. Like hate hate hate them.. This one was so painful, I probably wouldn't have read the book at all if I would have realized how bad it would be. :/ otherwise, my only criticisms were that the h was a little annoying with being super stubborn about something then flip flopping super easy, then back to stubborn. It was frustrating. (And her reaction after the big showdown was overly dramatic, I thought.. It could have been way worse!). And also that the fae weren't really like other fae books I've read. There was a little bit of power going on, but other than the fissures and some healing, the fae were like normal people (sort of like Middle Ages; no electricity, a king, and a class system). I think some books need a warning. Advisory : love triangle. Now, with that being said...Fae can walk unseen among the humans. Only those with the Sight can see them even when they are invisible. And some humans can even "localize" the Fae when they fissure (teleportation through light. Kind of).McKenzie Lewis is the best shadow-reader in the world. That is why her existence is a well-kept secret. She is the Court's secret weapon. And the Court's Sword master is in love with her. But she knows nothing can ever happen between Kyol and her. She has known for ten years, but still, she loves him and...Then the Rebels kidnap her.With the very sexy Aren (I totally approuve) among them. McKenzie hates them. She hates him. But they aren't as ruthless as she was told they were. And they are nicer to her.It is war. It shouldn't be her war, but she has been forced into it. And now she wonders if she has been working for the wrong people all this time.I think the same book with more politics : a five star. Because I just can't believe that someone fights a war without being remotely interested for the country (here, world) one fights for.

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Good book. Easy to read. I love books that have anything to do with the Fae!!!!

it was a great book i loved reading it i cant wait to see what hapens next

Tons of fun!


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