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La Collezionista Di Ricette Segrete (2012)

La collezionista di ricette segrete (2012)

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8854136948 (ISBN13: 9788854136946)
Newton Compton Editore

About book La Collezionista Di Ricette Segrete (2012)

This book could've used some better editing - 400 pages was entirely too long for the story Goodman intended to tell. Some of the plot points felt weakly woven together, and many of the characters were very flat or too archetypal. I'm surprised to see that some critics have heralded her as a contemporary Jane Austen; while this novel wasn't bad, I don't think it is anywhere near canonical status. I don't have anything necessarily against The Cookbook Collector, but it's popularity is surprising to me and I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. A good read. Interesting context of the dot com boom. The very specific setting in time means a nice sense of doom pervades the novel since you know what's coming although the characters don't. I couldn't get a handle on George, it seemed a bit like the author didn't really know who he was. Disappointing that the women in the novel have all these opportunities for self fulfilment and happiness but squander them by clinging to men. Also, I don't think there is a decent man that I respect in this whole book, except perhaps Mel. I'm hungry for at least one well balanced character who knows how to leave a relationship when they are unhappy without having an affair.

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