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Kruh (2011)

Kruh (2011)

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After dismissing these books as being "over hyped" for years, I was shocked to find I enjoyed the shit out of this one. The only reason I didn't finish it in one sitting was because real life kept interupting me with stuff. Afterwards I ran to the library (literally, I jogged there) to get part 2 and 3.One of the things I really love about it is that it has six female protagonists. I've read so many (good) YA novels that stars the one girl, and that's pretty much it, the rest of the supporting cast is male. Not this time though, we have six very different but all very real female protagonists to relate to.These six girls have to impossibly balance school, magical powers, annoying boyfriends, friends who don't understand and evil demons who are out to get them, all while trying to get along as a very reluctant group. While I didn't do all of that when I was in high schol (although I do think we all encounter those demons in locker number 643), I think most people will be able to relate to their struggles. So the beginning was rough. I couldn't get into it at all. It took 3 weeks for me to get 60 pages and during that time I read 3 other books. I just kept trying and just could not get into it. So I was going to buy another book and my husband said we should try again so we kept reading. It didn't get good until page 100 but after that it was great! There is something about this author team that really gets teens and I'm not sure if it is because they have experiences from both genders but I felt like each character was real beyond a doubt. There were things I didn't like because I didn't necessarily like all the characters. One thing about "The Circle"is that it reaches a broad spectrum of teens within high school and their individual struggles. Though I thought that some of the activities that the 16 year olds were engaging in were beyond their years.It also seems real because it had these funny things that just seemed so natural. Like the Principal listing off statistics to how many prophecy's actually come true a year and Ida being sick with the flu and using her spit in one of the magical potions (you would have to read it to understand). I didn't care much for Vanessa but I loved Minoo and Rebecka. If you like Magic and Witches and "finding yourself" then this is the book for you. Just power through those first 100 pages because once I got past that, I finished the book in a couple days.

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Ten konec byl snad nejemotivnější částí z celé knihy...

it was really really good!

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