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Kisses From Hell (2010)

Kisses from Hell (2010)

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general review - I do like short stories, some are good some are bad and its almost like reading lots of books in one!Special mentions:I am a fan of the VA series, so did like the story of how Lissa's parents met, however I can see how if you didn't know the series you wouldn't be blown away; I think it was more of a special nod for fans. the painting one was quite good, good premise.I didn't read the poetry one, just couldn't get into it.Hunting Kat, definitely the best. Great suspense and didn't know what was going to happen.Lilith was odd, but I like the legend of Lilith references. This anthology features vampire stories from a number of well-known YA authors. As expected, Kelley Armstrong's and Richelle Mead's stories are the best of the five, written as standalone vignettes in their Darkest Powers and Vampire Academy worlds. Neither really requires you to know anything about their series, but Mead's adds a nice bit a back story if you do, as she tells the story of how Lissa's parents met. The other three range from just ok (Block & Noel) to downright odd (Cast). I've not read Block & Noel previously, so I can't say for sure if they fit within their established series, but they read like original stories to me. Neither was bad, but I thought Noel's was rather silly and Block's was cliched. Cast's was definitely outside her House of Night series, and I appreciate the artistic effort of her story, as it was certainly unique, but it just didn't do anything for me.

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A very short story told from Eric Dragomir's point of view about how he met Lissa's mother. So-so

I only read Richelle Mead's story and I enjoyed it

there needs to be more. this is unacceptable.

Review coming soon!

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