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Kindling The Moon (2011)

Kindling the Moon (2011)

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About book Kindling The Moon (2011)

What can I say, I love me some bad ass heroines with mysterious powers. This series sets itself apart though. Finally, a couple who actually get to know each other and have normal relationship discussions, including acknowledgement of past problems. The conversations are funny and heartfelt and intimate, something hard to pull off when the two main characters are moving through a pretty fast paced plot. I also sometimes have issues with children being included in romantic stories, usually because they are either brats that just need a good mother or perfect angels. I found it interesting that the hero has an older son who is, biracial, hitting puberty and clearly the family relationship is an open one which allows the heroine to find a place in the family dynamic. There is a significant age difference in the hero and heroine which also frequently gets discussed. I really enjoyed how problems were brought up, and not just solved and dismissed, but remained a part of an ongoing conversation. Also the sex is part of the story (and hot) but the world and the mystery to be solved are much more interesting. I wish there had been more time spent explaining a it of how magic works, but it sort of goes along with how the heroine doesn't really know much about how magic works and is figuring it out as she goes along. Other things I liked: hero is an archivist with a large collection of old books. The "nanny" for the son is an older lesbian couple, and this doesn't get pointed out till the 2nd book. Nach anfänglichen Schwierigkeiten (wieso muss eine Person immer als besonders mächtig hingestellt werden und dann passieren ihr Anfängerfehler? Das verdirbt mir immer die Laune.) konnten mich die Protagonisten doch noch überzeugen. Zwar ist die Auflösung zum Ende hin keine wirkliche Überraschung, aber die Welt, die hier von Jenn Bennett erschaffen wurde, ist dennoch interessant. Dämonen müssen nicht immer böse sein und eine Magierin als Protagonistin ist auch mal was Neues. Zumindest für mich und in diesem Genre ;) Sogar mit dem Ende bin ich zufrieden, denn die Handlung ist in sich abgeschlossen und auch im privaten Umfeld der Heldin gibt es ein Happy End. Dafür wird das Buch für mich zum besten Kandidaten eines Stand Alones - auf eine weitere Reihe habe ich nämlich wenig Lust. Grade in diesem Genre lese ich lieber andere Reihen weiter.

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Someone smack me for waiting to read this series for so long. Seriously! Full review to come

This is a great spin on a moon child's search for her parents and the truth

Dnf. Started ok and then descended into silliness.

hmmmm... interesting start.

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