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Killing Sarai (2000)

Killing Sarai (2000)

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About book Killing Sarai (2000)

Wow! I'm speechless, this book was incredible. I had been in a complete book funk for a few weeks. I couldn't seem to find something to read that I could continue with. Then I decided to try this. I'm so glad I did. This story is unique, with it's raw and gritty, dark story, I was hooked. The writing style completely captivated me, I couldn't stop reading. Just what I needed to get stuck back in to reading.Sarai, was 14 when she was taken to Mexico by her mother. To live with a powerful and heartless drug lord. A man who also makes his money in slaves. Which is what happens to Sarai. She is left with him, and becomes his most cherished slave. For nine years, Sarai is imprisoned in a large compound with other girls for 9 long years. She has to watch countless scenes of violence and rape. Usually to the other girls she is imprisoned with. Some of the things she has seen, should scar her for life. Yet we learn that Sarai isn't like most. Her survival skills are amazing.We see this at the start, when an American comes to the compound. He is an assassin and is there to collect payment for a hit he has been hired for. Sarai see's him as an opportunity. The first American she has seen in a long time, and freedom out of the compound. So she hides out in his car ready to get away from her hell. Except Sarai has no idea who the American, Victor is, and what he is capable of. Although free in one way, she is now trapped again. She is now on the run, and wanted by the Mexican drug lord, he is not prepared to give up his property and will do anything to get her back. So begins their story, one minute running one way, then running back. Although free from the compound, Sarai is now starting another kind of fight. Victor and Sarai find their own bizarre kind of normal. What Sarai comes to see, doesn't phase her, she has already seen so much and seems to be able to handle it. The building chemistry between Victor and Sarai is also really intense. Victor will not give in to it and fights it, but it's obvious something is going to happen. The wait is addictive.Pretty much every page of this book is packed with action and nail biting tension. I loved the detail that went in to the background on this world. Nothing was skipped or glazed over. The combination of the incredible writing and the amazing story was such perfection, that the romance element just sweetened the deal, and made this story incredible. I can't wait for book 2. I need to know what is going to happen next! This book was a little surprising. especially since I only recently found it. It was a longer read than i expected but i finished it and was happy with the but but no so much the ending.There is little backstory to both the characters, Sarai's story is gradually exposed to the readers while Victors is left majorly in the dark.Sarai (i don't really now how to pronounce this aloud) mother died and she was left in the hands of a drug lord when she was young, she has been in his possession for years. Victor is an assassin who was also taken when he was young, by 'The Order' (There are not real details about this place or organisation). Sarai escapes the compound where she has been held hostage for the majority of her life and becomes a stowaway in Victors car, which is how the story begins. The rest is about how damaged both these characters are and how the find commonalities between each other. Sarai hopes to be saves but finds that she is already to damaged to lead a normal life, and Victor finds emotion and allows Sarai to become important to him but realises that they can never be together because he will only put her in harms way or damage her further.I did like the story and it was more honest and realistic than expected. I did enjoy the way the book was set out and i also like that the book made sense and proceeded with events that you'd almost expect. I feel I need to read the next book, if only to find out what happens between Victor and Sarai who i hope get to be together and find love or something close to it.

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I liked this book for the most part, not everything though. Looking forward to the next one

What a nice surprise. It's a series I'll definitely continue with.

Es una historia que te atrapa desde el primer momento. 4.5/5

arriba Mochis jajajaja somos populares...

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