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Kick-Ass (2011)

Kick-Ass (2011)

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0785132619 (ISBN13: 9780785132615)
Marvel Comics

About book Kick-Ass (2011)

I'm not a graphic novel person. But this one was aptly named, because it kicked ass. Dave is just normal guy, obsessed with comic books. And he's always wondered why no one has ever put on a costume and tried to fight crime. So he does--and then promptly gets his ass kicked and almost dies. But for some reason, he can't help but want to fight again. And soon he's a internet sensation, with others putting on their own costumes and following in his footsteps. But Dave isn't prepared for what happens when he runs into actual vigilantes, Hit-Girl and Big Daddy, who are trying to take down the mob. Is he able to fight real criminals or is he just a joke?I decided to check out this graphic novel because I thought the movies, especially the first, were pretty awesome. And I got exactly what I needed from it: a fun, beautifully/gorily drawn read for my lunch breaks. I wasn't expecting it to be world-altering, and it definitely wasn't that, but it was bad-ass and truly enjoyable. I'm definitely gonna check out Volume 2. Dave is your average teenage boy; he's not popular but, he isn't in the nerd crowd either. Girl's don't swarm over him but, they don't hate him either; they ignore him. Most of all, Dave is tired. Dave buys a scuba suit online and starts his life as vigilante super-hero Kick-Ass. Dave doesn't have any super powers like the X-Men, or martial arts training like Batman, and he's not an ass-hole scientist like Iron Man. Dave is just a teenage boy and not even a particularly strong one. What follows frequently surprised me with some legitimately good storytelling and art work and some particularly graphic violence. I loved the whole outing. The story goes quick and covers 8 issues of mostly action, with a solid story (though not a complicated or deep one) with some amazing art. I've watched my share of slasher movies and I've played some violent video games, but "Fuck! She just horizontally cut through that guy's head!" and "He literally shot that guy's penis off! There is goes right there!" The story has a twist that I didn't see coming and I am excited to see this story continued. The only thing I could criticize would be that the story didn't get as much focus as it should have; the action top-notch, but the story is pretty good too and warrants more attention than it got. Overall, a solid graphic novel for a mature audience.

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i loved both the movies so thought it about time i checked out the real deal as it were and loved it

All I can say is it so much better then the two movies.

Awesome a different comic book :)

Read it in english this time :3

so much fun.

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