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Kelas Memasak Lillian (2009)

Kelas Memasak Lillian (2009)

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About book Kelas Memasak Lillian (2009)

After devouring the author's other book, Joy for Beginners, I just HAD to get my hands on this one. It did not disappoint for a moment. This was one of those books where I started to get really sad when I realized there were only a few pages left and then the book was going to be over. From the rich, sensuous descriptions of every food item that makes an appearance (of which there are many) to the complex and endearing characters whose stories are illuminated by their encounters with food throughout their lives, this book is as memorable and satisfying as a meal cooked with love and the freshest, finest ingredients. Although I do enjoy a good helping of foodie fiction, this one wasn't to my taste. It's more a series of characters studies told in food metaphors than a fully-connected story. A good pick for readers who have had their fill of plot-driven stories for a while and are looking to snack on something more introspective and poetical, perhaps.And yes, the shameless food verbiage I just used is on the house.

Do You like book Kelas Memasak Lillian (2009)?

Liked the food part and the characters but the writing style was just too over the top.

A good cottage read for me. I enjoyed the food elements.

Loved the recipes in the back

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