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Keep Quiet (2014)

Keep Quiet (2014)

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1250010098 (ISBN13: 9781250010094)
St. Martin's Press

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I finished this book over a week ago, but have been dreading writing a review. I liked it and I didn't depending on circumstances in the book. Jake Buckman had been a workaholic father who lost connection with his teenage son. In trying to rebuild a relationship, Jake agrees to pick up Ryan at a movie theater. While driving along a deserted road, Ryan convinces his dad to let him drive since he only has a month to go before he gets his license. Jake agrees, against his better judgement, because he wants to be a "cool" dad. Then tragedy strikes. Ryan thinks he has hit a deer when, in fact, it turns out to be a young female jogger. In a split-second decision, and because Ryan had smoked weed earlier in the day and is in possession; Jake decides to protect his son's future by leaving the victim (who they know is dead) and return home without calling the police. Then begins the world of guilt, lies, and evading responsibility to cover up what they did.Later, Lewis Deaner who says he witnessed the accident wants to blackmail them. He knows that Jake has founded Gardenia Trust - a financial planning business - and has access to loads of money. Jake begins to research who Deaner is and discovers that he is really Andrew Voloshin. When Voloshin is found murdered the story becomes complicated with twists and turns and some implausibility.Meanwhile, Ryan is conscience-stricken, goes berserk with guilt and grief and wants to notify the police. His dad has to keep convincing him not to. Ryan is on the varsity basketball team and his trainer, Dr. Dave, knows that something is really "off" with Ryan because he can't concentrate during practice or during the games. He wants to counsel him. Jake is furious with Dr. Dave and tells him to leave Ryan alone - he can handle it. Detective Zwerling is also interested in Jake and begins intensive questioning. Jake becomes buried in all the lies he has created to explain away so many things.There is a lot of repetition in what Jake and Ryan say and think and a lot of "Jake's heart lurched" or similar phrases where I was concerned the poor guy would have a heart attack. And Ryan's mom, Pam, was not a likeable character - she is a controlling "helicopter" mom who doesn't leave her poor son alone. She is a Judge with some exciting news to impart that will change her life; and when husband and son finally have to tell her what happened, she goes ballistic. She blames Jake for everything, he is constantly apologizing, and she won't listen to anything he has to say. We find out she had an affair with Dr. Dave some time ago and considers it all her husband's fault. But then she agrees to "fix" everything. Did she kill Voloshin as Jake suspects? The ending was not totally a surprise given some of the characters, but the murderer was. The epilogue was a little too perfect in resolving the moral issues. Not one of Scottoline's best books. I really wanted to like this book, but I just couldn't finish it. I didn't care about the characters and the father's choices were not justified. With the family background, I just couldn't picture this happening. I understand he was trying to help his son, but with the mother being a lawyer, I don't think it was a realistic situation. As the lies started to build up, I was getting feed up with his stupidity and decided it was time to give up and stop reading.

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I couldn't bring myself to care about the characters in this unrealistic plot.

I really enjoyed this one. Very suspenseful. Felt like I was there.

Quick read - very intense. Couldn't put it down

What would you do? That says it all

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