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Kde Hvězdy Stále Září (2014)

Kde hvězdy stále září (2014)

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About book Kde Hvězdy Stále Září (2014)

I started this book when it came out, but had to put it down and read something lighter, because I was coming off some pretty dark books and needed a break. I loved Ms Doller'sfist novel Something Like Normal I’m glad I picked this back up to finish.Callie has been with her mother traveling from place to place, never going to school, and becoming a parent to her mother as life has progressed. When Mom is stopped by the police, Callie is surprised to discover that she’s considered a kidnapped victim and has a father who wants her. Callie has a lot to think about and deal with; she suffers from PSTD, while she wrestles with a painful mix of relief and guilt over not being with her mom. She’s used to being able to make her own choices, so struggles with authority. But her freedom is not something she’s ever hoped for, so we worry about her and wait on edge to see/read which way she’ll choose. Stay with dad? Or leave with mom? Drugs: Alcohol and one overdose instanceSex: Yes, not overly graphic thoughViolence: Not physical, however there is sexual abuse and verbal abuseLanguage: F word used 3 times. The language is really quite minimal.This book could have been a WOW book but turned out to be meh (insert shoulder shrug) novel. The concept of a kdinapped and abused teenager entering society and a new family is interesting, however, the author skimmed over many opportunities for deep conversation to focus on fairly superficial stuff. I also disliked the author's argument that successful and loving relationships can start with sex. I think that more teenagers need the message that sex comes with a loving and successful relationship, it isn't the driving force or initial motivator. Hopefully that makes sense. I would not recommend this book to anyone younger than 16. Very mature topics are handled sensitively, however, I don't think a teenager younger than 16 or 17 would necessarily pick up on that. Also, this is DEFINITELY a girl book...most boys would hate it.

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Tragic & sweet. So many issues & feelings.

I wanted more but in a good way =)

This is the best book ever!!!

A beautiful book, truly.

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