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Kate's Wedding (2011)

Kate's Wedding (2011)

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1444733656 (ISBN13: 9781444733655)
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About book Kate's Wedding (2011)

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Chrissie Manby book. In fact, the last time I picked up a Chrissie Manby book was when she was known as Chris Manby. I don’t understand why I haven’t because she was the first adult book I read; Lizzie Jordan’s Secret Life. I still remember the story vividly and racing through it when I should have been doing my Macbeth G.C.S.E. essay. Then I got swept up in the royal wedding fever and snapped up Kate’s Wedding when it came out, and I’m glad I did. The book is largely told from Kate’s point-of-view, with some from Diana, and the odd chapter told from Melanie’s, the wedding dress shop owner, view. The story starts from when Kate and Diana get engaged, with them crossing paths from time to time. Kate wants a small, simple affair and Diana wants her version of the royal wedding, and by God will she get it! Kate was lovely. She just wants to be married without all the trappings of a wedding. I completely related to her in that sense. Even when she was ready for bouncing Ian, her fiancé, down the aisle for some of his questionable behaviour, I related to that too. But what got on my nerves in those situations, and it has done in other novels too, is when couples don’t talk. They just assume the other should know what they want. It really rubs me up the wrong way and I will never relate or understand it. That was a pet hate for me in this story. Then you had Diana, a complete and utter Bridezilla. I’ve never really met someone who was a Bridezilla, but I could completely imagine them to be like Diana. With no original thought of her own and constantly looking to Kate Middleton and the royal wedding, she wanted everything her way. I loved to hate Diana and the wrath she inflicted on her fiancé, Ben. I didn’t have any sympathy for him though. He had no backbone and brought it on himself. They were both written so well, that I wished there had been more of Diana and her spoilt tantrums, with Ben wondering how much more he could take. There were some very funny moments and sweet moments, and this has made me want to pick up some more Chrissie Manby novels as I’ve quite clearly been missing out since my last venture into her books. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves chicklit!

La prima cosa che colpisce del libro è la cover,che rappresenta perfettamente il contenuto del romanzo... Le protagoniste sono due donne,completamente diverse l'una dall'altra: Diana: trentenne,figlia unica,viziata,abituata a tenere tutto in pugno,incluso il suo fidanzato e ad ottenere sempre ciò che vuole,che sogna e organizza il suo matrimonio da una vita... Kate,il suo opposto: quasi quarantenne,una donna semplice,lavoratrice,che non aveva mai pensato al matrimonio fino a quando non incontra Ian... Le storie di queste due donne si scontreranno da Bride on Time,il negozio di abiti da sposa più in voga della città,dove,nonostante le personalità opposte,acquisteranno lo stesso vestito! Tra tulle,confetti,torte nuziali e ricevimenti ha inizio l'avventura di Kate e Diana nell'organizzazione dei loro rispettivi matrimoni,che le porteranno ad affrontare situazioni inaspettate e alla fine capiranno che,probabilmente la cosa più importante non è organizzare un matrimonio degno di un Royal Wedding! I due matrimoni è una lettura leggera,spensierata e senza alcuna pretesa,anche se forse mi aspettavo che fosse un tantino più divertente...

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The writing is a little bit disarrayed, perhaps because with all the stories from different perspectives. However, that's just life (love), isn't it? It is just as complicated and confusing. But I like how it is written. I like how the characters are all related with each other and how each of them has their own story. But with all that was said and done, the point is... there exists love. Love, however, is not limited to an age group or the size of your body. It does not care if you are a fat old spinster. Every one can fall in love. The real question is... is that enough to marry? Will you marry a domestic goddess (oh and a beautiful one at that) and have her breathe down your neck for the rest of your life? Will you marry a guy who doesn't thrill you just because time is ticking? You see, the title gives away the major theme: marriage. And it teaches us to cherish what you have. Don't let go of what's good. Don't let go of your personality for another. And be wise. Be wise about love. Be wild, yes. Enjoy the moment, yes. But be wise. Use your brain as much as you use your heart. Don't let the attraction blind you. But don't let pride hinder you. Love wisely, but love truly. By reading the book, I read all this. Plus, I get to have a good laugh. It entertained me a lot. But sometimes, I just want to say 'bloody hell.'
—Arisa Dizon

I quite liked the flows of this book. It was interesting to have the view points of two brides and then the owner of the wedding boutique. The introspective view into the guy's minds was also great. The book was mostly predictable but there were a few things that threw me for a loop. I liked how Ms. Manby kept me on my toes. I'm also glad that the story line was nothing like I was expecting, especially since the book was released around the time of the Royal Wedding and dealt with a Royal Wedding. It was different and unique.

When Kate Williamson's boyfriend Ian unexpectedly proposes to her at the top of the Eiffel tower, what should be the most romantic moment of her life...isn't, quite. The weather is misty and damp. The platform is crammed with tourists. When Ian pops the question, Kate feels ambushed and uncertain. Is this what she really wants?Diana Ashcroft, on the other hand, knows exactly what she wants. She expects a proposal from Ben, and she gets it. And she knows exactly what kind of wedding she wants. Kate Middleton - a commoner - is about to marry Prince William. Diana and Ben must have a tasteful engagement photo, just like Kate and Wills. They must have a cathedral wedding. And Diana must have a perfect, extravagant, expensive dress.When Kate's mum is diagnosed with cancer, Ian's lack of empathy puzzles and then angers her. Does she really want to spend the rest of her life with a man who's obsessed with West Ham to the exclusion of all else and who can't heat up his own ready meal?One of the doctors at her mum's hospital is Kate's old boyfriend, Matt. Will they rekindle the old flame now that he's divorced and Kate is disenchanted with Ian?Kate's Wedding is a thoughtful and often funny look at romantic expectations versus reality. This is an excellent, entertaining read.
—Katie Oliver

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