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Kane And Abel (2004)

Kane and Abel (2004)

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About book Kane And Abel (2004)

With such a clear allusion to the dysfunctional brothers in Genesis, we were intrigued. Would the Able character in Jeffrey Archer’s novel suffer a cruel fate at the hands of his brother? Does the title even refer to a pair of brothers? Does the title even refer to people? Is Jeffery Archer even a real person? These questions plagued us for several months, until finally, we decided to pursue the sensible option and just read the book.William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski are not brothers. In fact they aren’t even related. Kane was the son of a rich banker while Able was born penniless and parentless (and with only one nipple). Kane was offered every advantage in life while Able was thrown into a Russian labor camp at a young age. Still, it doesn’t take long before the similarities start to bubble to the surface. Driven to build their financial empires, fate soon has both characters set on a collision course that will have you humming (get ready for our big musical number)....It's a world of laughter, a world of tears.Its a world of hopes, its a world of fear.There’s so much that we share,that its time we're aware.Its a small world after all.Kane and Abel was all about the two main characters. They were arrogant, stubborn, greedy, unforgiving, and... real. As a result, they were incredibly interesting. The entire novel was devoted to their lives and while Kane and Abel possess plenty of good traits, it was those listed above that had us clenching our fists and wanting to smite both of them. One chapter you’re rooting for Kane and then the next you’re rooting for Abel. And then the next you’re rooting for neither...The historical aspects of the novel were also very intriguing. The sinking of the Titanic, WWII, and the US stock market collapse in 1929 all had a profound impact on the character’s lives. Even events like the commercial release of Gone with the Wind and McCarthyism were woven into the story, yet the narrative stayed focused and never bogged down. By the end, we had a deep appreciation for the characters and were sad to finish the last page. Then we stumbled across the sequel... bring it on! Editor’s Note: Hopefully it’s not too obvious that our main goal of this post is to have "It’s a Small World" stuck in your head for the rest of the day...

In 1906, two baby boys are born in wildly different circumstances: one in the comfort of Boston’s best private hospital surrounded by doctors and adoring relatives and the other in a Polish forest accidentally discovered by a hunter. So begin the lives of William Kane and Abel Rosnovski. Because the chapters alternate between William’s and Abel’s lives, one might first think that this novel will be about two boys who switch places at birth, or shortly thereafter. When that doesn’t happen the reader may then think that the novel will be an illustration of the hardworking tendencies of the poor and the indolence of the upper classes. Again, that doesn’t happen. However, even when all traditional plot lines are exhausted, Jeffrey Archer still keeps his readers engaged in the lives of William and Abel.Kane and Abel isn’t a rags to riches story, nor does it have an overt political message. Both the rich and poor characters are intelligent, hardworking and likeable. They are faced with varying levels of adversity and setbacks as they strive to amass their fortunes. It takes nearly half the book to discover the connection between their two lives: a vendetta held by the hotelier on the banker because of a loan refused during the crash of ’29. Even with this connection the men only deliberately meet over the phone; their chance interactions over the years go unnoticed by either until they are nearing death.Archer inspires his readers with Kane and Abel. The hard work of both characters elicits a huge monetary payback. But inspiration also comes when one pauses at the book’s end and thinks about the stranger on the corner or the shopkeeper or fellow library patron who may be effecting and influencing his life in ways he can’t even imagine yet. It may inspire the reader to be kinder to strangers. For this and for Archer’s signature readability, Kane and Abel is a highly recommended read.

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Gold fever. We all know the phenomenon; an obsession, a never-ending fascination and a desperate need for more. As I read this book I experienced something similar; reading fever. When I first began reading this book, I simply couldn't stop. I wouldn't stop. It wasn't even possible. With an almost destructive greed I had to read on, to keep turning the thin pages - and when I finally reached the end, and there were no more pages to turn, I felt completely empty, saddened by the fact, that the book had run out of words. It's been a long time since I've felt this way. Usually I'm always focusing on a beautiful languages with mesmerizing metaphors and beautiful sentences. This book however does not contain any of those factors; the writing style is simple, there is hardly any use of adjectives or long passages of descriptions, which I normally hold so dear. However I loved it just as much. Perhaps even more. 'Cause it turns out that sometimes a good story with a beautiful message is more than enough. I may have finished reading this book; but I am not at all done with it. This is one of those rare books I will keep with me forever. In my heart and in the back of my mind.

This book is everything I LOVE LOVE LOVE about historical fiction. This was such an enjoyable read. Every time I put my book down, I was eager to get back to it. I am a huge fan of Jeffrey Archer. I have enjoyed everything I have read by him. I always know what I'm getting when I pick up one of his books. I have 2 more to read in the next month. This story of Kane and Abel had me hooked from the beginning. I loved the descriptions of the people. I could see them clearly. Some of the connections were predictable, but I didn't care. I also liked the ending. It was kind of sad for me, but I felt it was appropriate.

I couldn't agree more Richard! I would absolutely love to see this as a film long as the movie had a great director who would do the book the justice it deserves!

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