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Kalibanov Rat (2012)

Kalibanov rat (2012)

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About book Kalibanov Rat (2012)

And we're back! Strap yourself down and get prepared to weigh something heavy because this book takes you in exciting high-g burn. Though with not as many explosions as Leviathan Wakes, Caliban's War is exciting and your favorite protomolecule is once again the center of attention. Instead of two point-of-view protagonists, this time we have four: a female Polynesian Marine from Mars who can break you in half, a old Indian woman who swears a lot more than a UN undersecretary should, a botanist from Ganymede whose daughter is missing, and James Holden the one and only. The Earth-Mars political order has shattered in the aftermath of Leviathan Wakes and the resulting Cold War wants to remain anything but.The writing is great, the characters well made, and the plot engaging, though we minus one star for the novel not really treading new ground. It actually helps to think of Caliban's War as "Part II" to Leviathan Wakes, as we're dealing with a lot of the consequences from the latter. If you love Space Opera, I recommend this book. It is rare that a sequel is miles better than the original book. Caliban's War - Expanse Book 2 is such a book.I will reinforce the reviews you can read regarding the strength of the female characters in this book. This book has 3 incredibly strong female characters, and I was nothing but floored every time they were the focus of the book. Read book 1 before reading book 2. Book 1 is OK, but book 2 is all payoff for having to put up with the weaknesses of book 1.

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Even better than the first. Last sentence made me immediately reserve the next in the series.

I very much enjoyed this, unable to put it down for long.

Very good sci-fi and an easy read.


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