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Juste Une Mauvaise Action (2014)

Juste une mauvaise action (2014)

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About book Juste Une Mauvaise Action (2014)

The thing that I hate so much about the Detective Lynley series, is how addicting these books are. This one especially. I think that Elizabeth George has outdone herself this time. It was very hard to put this book down, to get other things done. And, I am left with that forlorn feeling that I have when I have just finished a really, really good book. Can't wait for the next on in the series! Unfortunately, this was my first Elizabeth George novel, and I have heard from others that she has done some terrific stuff previously. This might not be the book to start with then. I thought it, well...bloody sucked. There was no actual mystery. There was no actual sense of human connection except that between Havers and Lo Bianco maybe. The British references to products and stores, etc...was irritating beyond belief. One can establish a frame of reference without resorting to fricking product placement!

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I really dislike the character of Barbara Havers and I just can't get passed that.

Im sorry I just couldn't get through this book. Too much boring detail

I've just given up reading 'Just One Evil Act'

A page all the brit mysteries

Way too long and tortured

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