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Just One Year (2013)

Just One Year (2013)

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About book Just One Year (2013)

First of all, I'm never reading a Gayle Forman book without it's pair, just imagining being left to wait for a year to know what happened makes me shiver, even waiting a whole book to know how the story ends is annoying enough. I feel like her books shouldn't be split in two, I get that it's a pyblicity thing to extract as much money as you can from people but I think it's awful. Not one of her books is even worth reading without the other one, and then there's always one you enjoy more than the other. To me they should be a whole book and maybe alternate points of view.In this one for example every time Willem is close to Alison it's annoying, I get that it's a good thing for a book to maake you feel but when what you feel is only annoyance, expectation and sometimes even boredom it's not that great, and also I enjoyed Willem's journey of self discovery a lot less than Alison's so the fact that I had to wait through that to see what happened wasn't enjoyable, maybe if the journey had been more fun it would've been better and easier to wait for the colclusion.I get that it's better to know what happened to both of them in the time before the Grand Finale, but the fact that you have to go through the whole book and only get a second more of story than se other is pretty exasperating. The fact that I loved where she went was that you knew what had happened but it was still amazing to watch the characters deal with it, whith what that had done to them, how it had affected them, and here you get the journey before, and that turns into an annoying angs propper of a mystery thriller but without the amazing twist at the end, just an expected (way too expected) conclusion to it all. I felt like I was holding my breath throughout the book, waiting for the moment it finally coincides with the ending from just one day. I loved how I got to see more sides of willem, his fears, his vulnerability and ultimately his growth. I'm forever having a weakness with character growths and this is no exception.And when I saw Adam Wilde my heart skipped a beat. I can't believe I'm being teased like this omg.

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Definitely a "young adult" love story.. But cute and fun and easy to read!

Extremely slow... But it was a cute story.... Not as good as the first!

Beautiful story. Enjoyed the journey

Hauntingly beautiful

3,5 stars

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