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Just One Wish (2009)

Just One Wish (2009)

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0399246185 (ISBN13: 9780399246180)
Putnam Juvenile

About book Just One Wish (2009)

I liked this book but I hated it too, that little boy... usually don't read boos like this because I can't handle it,so I feel tricked by the blurb and the cover; I really wanted him to get better...but Janette Rallison ended this book beautifully, and I the only reason I gave tis book three stars is because of the pain in the end.some people say that a happy ending is unrealistic but many people ignore the fact that some do survive. I know its just a book but I wanted just this one sweet little boy to get better and for this big sister to be happy and have her efforts pay off. I picked up this book with no intention of absolutely falling in love with the story! It's not only heartwarming, but also an overall, satisfying read. I am in no way lying when I say that I couldn't put this book down! I think one of the most appropriate words to describe the book would be 'cute', simply because I found myself saying "awwww!" on many different occasions. Of course, there were a couple of moments that were heart wrenching ( I may have shed a couple tears. Judge if you must.) But that's just one more quality that makes this such a great book. I definitely recommend this book; it's a must read teenagers (or teenagers at heart!)

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I am really hoping the author is busy writing a sequel to this...I need more.

love it its sad at the end how the kid might die

A sweet and cute story.

so cute!

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