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Just One Evil Act (2013)

Just One Evil Act (2013)

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1444706004 (ISBN13: 9781444706000)
Hodder & Stoughton

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Actually, I didn't finish this book today, I gave up on it. Which is unusual for me. I usually love Elizabeth George's novels, but I couldn't get into this one. I found I had no desire to keep reading it and didn't care what happened in the end. I'm sure the essential points will be apparent in the next novel. Another point...there's a lot of Italian in this for which adequate translation is not provided. Perhaps it's not essential to the plot, but you don't know that if you don't understand the language, do you? Couldn't be bothered to read the novel with Google translate alongside. Barbara Havers compromises her position in Scotland Yard to help her friend Azhar find the kidnapper of his daughter. Trip to Italy, uneasy alliance with yellow journalist, and realization that reality is more complex than your easy assumptions about the motivations and actions of employers, friends and scumbags. E.George does a good job of keeping things moving, and a great job as always of staying true to our favorite characters Havers, Lynley, Nkata. Very nice to see Havers thru the eyes of her new ally Italian policeman Salvatore Io Bianco.

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A convoluted tale that twists amongst some wonderfully familiar and intriguing new characters.

Very trying to read. 800 pages. slow moving. Bought in france. finished in michigan.

Way too long and way too much of a stretch. My least favorite of the series.

Enjoyed this book as much as others in the series.

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