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Juniorin Erikoinen Elämä (2009)

Juniorin erikoinen elämä (2009)

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9525635937 (ISBN13: 9789525635935)

About book Juniorin Erikoinen Elämä (2009)

Excellent book! A patron recommended this book to me. What would you do if you knew when the world would end? Would you try and save everyone? Would you throw caution to the wind and live your life however you wanted, with no care about the consequences? Junior is told, while still in his mother's womb, when the world is going to end. As he grows up, he continues to hear the voice and he struggles with these questions. He tries several different ways to deal with the horrible truths that he knows and in the end he does realize that everything does in fact matter, no matter how small. In the end of this book, my curiosity on who is the voice inside Junior's head never fades. Who is that voice? Very very very powerful.Everything Matters! is a kind of book who wants to show you that everything really matters in life - even the single tiny events can somehow make great impact into your life and into anyone's lives. John Junior was born with a voice inside his head telling him that after 35 years of his existence, the earth will come to an end. Given that information, and still the continued guidance of that voice in his whole existence, he become an all knowing human with the capability to solve or to help not just him but everyone in its inevitable doom. But of course, he have his family and its problems. His mother was secretly an alcoholic, his father is a workaholic baker who can smoke 4 packs of cigarette a day and his brother was a cocaine addict but after his treatment - and a brain damage after the huge intake of the drug - became the greatest hitter and player in baseball. He (Junior) still carried the information on his head and still figuring out what to do with it, with his girlfriend who certainly will not believe him and think he is some sort of a psycho which makes him a bit off the hook and an alcoholic. Well, it's kinda interesting on how the book have tackled all of its conflicts though there are parts which the story will be sort of superficial, still, it's really good. But those it God? 'Coz hell it's really powerful. I like how it was narrated and even though there are parts that you are tensed with what's happening, it was surprising that it will make you laugh sometimes in that moment. It was really a good book. Surprising twists and turn of events and well, really, powerful voices makes a really powerful story. It was witty, intelligent and touching. Well, yeah, everything really matters!

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A little heavy handed, and slightly boring in the middle. But overall, interesting idea.

Highly recommend, elfin and easy read.

Good read...I like the message...

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