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Julia Für Immer (2012)

Julia für immer (2012)

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Egmont Ink

About book Julia Für Immer (2012)

So, it was difficult for me to start this book. Not sure why, but I started reading it twice before boredom at work forced me to read read it a third time and make it beyond the first chapter. It was pretty good all-in-all, though. I loved the twist at the end with Ben being Benvolio. The book had a very ghost/zombie/forbidden love feel to it. I am sad that Romeo was a douche, but I am glad it was still an original Romeo and Juliet character tha picked up his slack. Benvolio = awesome twist! Romeo and Juliet has always been a Shakespeare play I was fond of since my first reading (Yes I have read it more than once!) and to be honest I was a little nervous as to how it could be retold and done justice, well I should not have been nervous because this was a great book full of fabulous ties to the original but it was also a great work of fiction all it's own. The story of the Ambassadors and Mirsenaries and how each side recruited one person each, from the pair of lovers, turning them against each other for all eternity was so tragic and maybe a little hard for me to wrap my head around at first since the image of Romeo and Juliet has always been of love and devotion, but after I was introduced to this version of Romeo was so gross and evil that my mind was changed. Juliet was a very enjoyable character, the complexity of all she had been through made her very interesting, I found myself flying through this book eager for her story to continue and true love to prevail. Since Juliet inhabits another persons body I thought things may get a little confusing but it was very well done, it was always clear who the focus was and I was never confused. I am so glad I finally made time to read this book I enjoyed so much of it...mostly the ending!!! and I know there is a companion novel but I feel like I got all I wanted out of this story and I could not ask for more so I will not spoil it with one I may not care for.

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I was going to give it three stars but it took a trip the bizarro world near the end.

It was a great story, but the end was odd. Despite this, I recommend it.

Not as good as Of Beast and Beauty, but beautiful writing nonetheless.

perfect imagination. I like better this Romeo&Juliet ;)

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