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Joyland (2013)

Joyland (2013)

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1781162646 (ISBN13: 9781781162644)
Hard Case Crime

About book Joyland (2013)

This is my first Stephen King book and it is not at all what I was expecting. I guess I was expecting It or Cugo. What I got was thoughtful, emotional, funny, and smart. Joyland is part mystery, part ghost story, part coming of age story, and part drama. Twenty-one year old Devin Jones takes a summer job at Joyland, a small amusement park along the Eastern Coast. During that summer and fall he meets new friends and uncovers an old murder. Joyland is more about relationships than suspense. King tells a story about who we connect with and how they impact us. Even a brief true connection with someone can have a lifelong impact. I would definitely recommend Joyland. El problema con este libro es que te esperas algo completamente diferente al tenerlo frente ti e incluso tras leer un par de páginas. Es un buen ejemplar de vivencias con un toque (una pizca, en realidad) de dramas sobrenaturales y casi nada de suspenso. Lo que tiene completamente a favor son los personajes, por ejemplo, Dev es adorable y los demás están muy bien desarrollados, pero no se esperaba más de un escritor con tan amplia trayectoria.

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Fun and quick read. Nothing spectacular but overall I liked it. Good beach book.

Very good and well told story.

Really enjoyed this one!

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