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Joker (2008)

Joker (2008)

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1401215815 (ISBN13: 9781401215811)
DC Comics

About book Joker (2008)

I admit that I fail to see the allure of the Joker as Batman's arch-rival. I know many folk who really love this book (& that is why I put it on my Batman list), but I just don't get it. It wasn't a chore or challenge to read, but ultimately it wasn't interesting. I will say that Batman's 1 line towards the end of the book, really is the best line in the entire book and Bermejo does a wonderful job with the art. I liked this one, especially the artwork. The Joker is unexpectedly released from Arkham Asylum, and sets off on a killing spree to reclaim what has been lost to other villains like Penguin, Riddler, and Two-face. While on the surface, it seems that Joker is simply a serial killer in this story, it's the interaction and dialogue he has with Jonny Jonny Frost that drives the story and reveals the depth of Joker's insanity.

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well that was dark. It would have been nice if Harley Quinn actually got to say something.

Great art. Dull story. Adequate pacing and minimal character development. Pass.

Liked it for the artstyle. The story, nope.

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