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John Lennon: The Life (2008)

John Lennon: The Life (2008)

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006075401X (ISBN13: 9780060754013)

About book John Lennon: The Life (2008)

I thought that this book was great. I love the Beatles(like anyone with any taste in music should)and this book thoroughly covered every detail of, in my opinion, there most profound member. Though some of the facts that Norman mentions are unnecessary, they were still fun to read about. This book truly gives a full in depth perspective into every part of his life, before, during and after the Beatles. If you are a Lennon or extreme Beatles fan, you must read this book. A very big heavy bio book on Lennon that I learned a lot from. It made me remember the book written by May Pang I'd read long ago about the time they'd spent apart from Yoko out in LA recording, and the affair they had. I really enjoyed the book, but I like biographies about famous people like Lennon, and the kind of life they live(d) behind the scenes. I still remember when Lennon was shot, how sad and pointless it was. A beautiful voice silenced forever.

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Reads like a movie. Highly recommend if you want to read an indepth telling of John Lennon's life.

An excellent biography, probably the best I ever read. Highly recommend it.

Got a proper history lesson didn't I?

Still don't like Mimi and Yoko.

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