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Jenna's Dilemma (2005)

Jenna's Dilemma (2005)

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Jenna's Dilemma doesn't miss a beat, welcoming us back into Bunk 3C at Lakeview Camp. This time we are one Jenna's journey through camp. Jenna has her own light, being known as the camp prankster, having pulled pranks literally every summer. This year it is more important than ever for Jenna to prove her individuality. Jenna finds herself becoming angry and upset at her constant siblings' "intrusions" and pressence in her camp life. Her sister is friends wither her counselor and Jenna is paired with her brother for their extra activity in photography. No matter how hard she tries she just can't seem to get away from there. Meanwhile, time is quickly approaching the yearly Camp Social Dance. Chosen to be on the planning committee, Jenna sees this as an opportunity to finally be happy this year. Unfortunately, she finds herself still upset and plans a prank that can end very badly for her. Melissa J. Morgan's second installment in her Camp Confidential series is just as much fun as the first. Jenna is a witty, fun and sneaky character, with heart and soul. While Jenna is more concerned about having fun this summer, learning how to swim to the next level and pulling pranks, her bunk mates and every other camper seems to be more concerned about getting a date for the Camp Social.You know from the very beginning that Jenna has something brewing inside her, and you pretty much guess right away what is going on with her. But that is not the point of this novel. You get to see Jenna change over the summer, learning how to come to terms with some things that she cannot control. Even more so, Jenna's friends remain by her side even after she risks loosing them all. Jenna's Dilemma is written in a fun and easy manner, making this a very quick read. Melissa J. Morgan has once again made summer camping fun and thrilling. She has wonderfully created characters that you want to get to know more, wanting to know what happens to them after we leave them and even when they go home at the end of the summer. Knowing that this happens further into the series, I cannot wait to continue reading more about the girls of Bunk 3C and watching them grow as individuals and as friends.

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