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Jamaica Inn (1935)

Jamaica Inn (1935)

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0316252905 (ISBN13: 9780316252904)
Little, Brown and Company

About book Jamaica Inn (1935)

I was debating whether to score this book a 3 or a 4 star, and even now I may change my rating.This book had me totally gripped, guessing who was behind this network of criminals, who could be trusted and who couldn't and cheering on Mary's determination, strength and firm belief in what she did and didn't want.I loved everything about the book until about 60 pages from the end, when to all intents and purposes everything is solved, unsatisfactorily, but solved. The only clue at more to come being the bulk of pages still between your hands.I won't give too much away but from that point forward something didn't click, the story became disjointed, what should have been the climax of the book felt flat... even though what was happening was undoubtably dramatic. Maybe I'm being too hard. I did enjoy this book. I read it in one day. However I just can't get over the ending and the fundamental change in Mary's personality so at odds with everything else we know of her in the book. I read this book because I recently watched the TV series of it and I really enjoyed it. The novel is also set in Cornwall which is where I go on holiday every year so it was interesting to read it and know the places du Maurier was writing of. I'm also hoping to visit Jamaica Inn one year when I'm on holiday, I'm really interested to see the place that gave the author her inspiration for the novel. I found the story really easy to read- I was expecting it to be in old English language as I didn't know that it was written as late as it was (1935). I also really enjoyed all the dark, gothic language in the novel (I was hoping to study gothic literature for my A-level English exam but I've recently found out I'm not) and it was really gripping to learn of all Jamaica Inn's morbid, scary secrets. My favourite character in the novel was Jem Merlyn. I really loved how Mary was unsure of him at the beginning of the novel but I, as a reader, could tell from the language that she was going to fall for him (or maybe it was because I'd watched it on telly and knew the story?!) I also like that it wasn't a typical, predictable love story because Mary is created as a strong willed, independent character who you wouldn't expect to give up her own aspirations and dreams for a man. I also found it really interesting to make comparisons between the novel and the TV series in my head whilst I was reading. For example, in the novel we learn that the vicar of Altarnun is albino and the description of him instantly makes him seem more menacing and creepy but in the TV series, he wasn't albino so I was able to make new judgements of characters, despite already knowing the story. I think this book is one of the best novels I've read recently and I'd definitely recommend it. I really liked du Maurier's style of writing and so I'm going to try and read 'Rebecca' in the near future too.

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I liked this book. It made you scared,repulsed,angry ,grossed out,sad and glad it was all over.

Not my favourite Daphne book, bit dreary

Not my kind of story.

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