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I've Got Your Number (2012)

I've Got Your Number (2012)

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0385342063 (ISBN13: 9780385342063)
The Dial Press

About book I've Got Your Number (2012)

Well, after finished reading this book... my conclusion is Sophie Kinsella never fail to satisfy me :) I really love the story and the plot in this novel. How 2 persons attached by a coincidence and connected by the same phone.Poppy wyatt lost her vintage engage ring in a hotel after celebrate her bridal shower with her friends. Of course it made her panicked to death, because in a week she will get married to Magnus, a handsome professor who Brilliant and stunning.And the worse part of it, she lost her phone also when she would like to find a signal.... a thief grab it from her hand. Poor her.But the better part, she found a phone well it actually a company phone in a bin beside the hotel. Without thinking twice, she took the phone and started to twll all of her friends and her fiancee, even the hotel manager that this one is her new phone number.The phone is belong to White Globe Consulting Company. And it contained all of the important and personal email to Sam Roxton, one of the high value worker in White Global Consulting Company.Poppy beg to Sam to borrow the phone till she found her emerald ring, and promise would continue all of the message and email to Sam mobile Phone. Since then they have shared their life and their problems with weird way, mostly poppy read the email, because she cant bear to know what happened in Sam's life. Sam helped Poppy facing the inferior feeling in herself everytime she met Magnus family, because she underestimated herself and tried to become genius like Anthony and Wanda the parents of Magnus.I really like seeing the interaction between Sam and Poppy, sometimes i feel sad what Poppy must through, most of times i laugh out loud when Poppy tried to become nice to Sam by replying all of the email under the Sam name, but it became disaster... Really love this book :) very entertaining ! My official rating would be 3.5 stars. I like Sophie Kinsella's style of writing and the rich descriptions she has of the places and events. I also love the character development; they are so dynamic! However, I cannot stand whiny characters and Poppy was a little too air-headed and whiny for me. I like strong, sure of themselves characters. I'm not saying they can't be flawed, but I hate hearing people whine about the situation they got themselves into and also hate when people walk into situations without realizing that people are using them, or that the situation they are in is actually much different (usually worse) than their perception of it. And unfortunately that was more than true with Poppy. I'm not going to spoil the story, but there were so many situations where Poppy was too much "in her head" and so was portrayed as a whiny little girl. Other times, there was clearly something behind the scenes going on, but she chose to overlook the subtle hints and foreshadows to what may happen in the future and ended up getting bit in the ass for it. Don't get me wrong, overall I liked Poppy as a characters because she was a dynamic character, but there were too many situation where I felt like I wanted to shake her.I like the plot of the story even though it was a little cheesy and unrealistic. I found myself more interested in the side story of what was happening at Sam Roxton's business and how they were going to solve the minor mystery in the story. The romance/love story wasn't quite as interesting and I found this part of the story predictable to say the least. I probably shouldn't be reviewing this at all considering I'm not much of a romance/love fan, but I enjoy listening to the complexity of the worlds that Sophie Kinsella creates. Undommesticated Goddess has so far been my favorite of all the Kinsella books I have read/listened to.

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This is the best book I have ever read. It remains with you throughout. Kinsella is the best author.

Frothy and fun. When I just want to rest and enjoy a book Sophie Kinsella never disappoints me.

Very funny, a great lazy Sunday read after a week of downer Serious Literature.

Used to much unneeded information...

cutesy chick lit haha

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