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Interrupting Chicken. David Ezra Stein (2012)

Interrupting Chicken. David Ezra Stein (2012)

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1406340316 (ISBN13: 9781406340310)
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About book Interrupting Chicken. David Ezra Stein (2012)

In this adorable story Papa chicken tries to put Little Red chicken to sleep by reading her a bedtime story. But as Papa tries to read a story Little Red chicken keeps interrupting. Just as Papa starts reading the story Little Red chicken jumps in saving the characters from danger and ending the story early, so Little Red chicken never falls asleep. Papa frustrated, tells Little Red chicken that it is her turn to read him a story, and just has she starts her story, Papa falls asleep. Adorably, instead of Papa putting Little Red chicken to sleep, it works out the other way around. The illustrations are rich and dense in color, giving the pictures a warm feeling. You can also notice Papa’s frustration and Little Red chicken’s playful and quirky personality. This is a great story to read to young children. It is amusing and funny and any young child will fun in love with this humorous story. Another great bed time story! This book is about a Papa chicken attempting to read a bedtime story to his little red chicken. , but the little one keeps interrupting the story. As Papa begins to read a traditional literature story, little red chicken interrupts at the scary point of the story and ends the story in a way that makes the story not so scary. This book introduces stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, Chicken Little, and Hansel and Gretel, which all have pretty scary parts in them. In the end, Papa chicken runs out of stories and asks the little red chicken to tell him a story. Little red chicken decides to write and illustrate his own story and begins to read it, but Papa chicken has already fallen asleep. The illustrations are big, bright, and colorful and accompany the text wonderfully.Interrupting Chicken is a good choice to read to Pre-K through second grade children. The book is a good introduction of the three stories without getting to the scary parts and the little red chicken is a funny and light hearted addition to this story. For the children who are writing, a teacher could have them take their favorite book and write a new ending for it in their journals. A teacher could talk to the children about interrupting. They could brainstorm ideas about why they interrupt and things they could do instead.

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Reading it to children was fun.Even they get frustrated when the chicken interrupts!

I don't see that little red chicken learns not to interrupt. Did I miss that part?

Patience, Listening Humor

Bwahahaha! So hilarious!

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