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Insignia (2012)

Insignia (2012)

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0062092995 (ISBN13: 9780062092991)
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About book Insignia (2012)

After the Legend series, it took me so long to recover and find another awesome sci-fi novel. Finally, I found this one. Reading the synopsis of the book made me really excited but reading the novel took me to a whole new world. Tom (Timothy for Yuri), Vikram (Viktor for Yuri), Wyatt (Wanda for Yuri), Yuri and even Beamer showed how real friends really are in real life. I saw myself and my friends in them. And the SPICY INDIAN! IT WAS HILARIOUS! I can't get over that pickup line of Vik...and I knew it that Heather was no good. Most of all, I fell in love with Yuri and Wyatt's story. They're so cute together. Book two, be awesome or else...AND YEAH, I LOVE YOU ELLIOT RAMIREZ! If I had to describe Insignia in short... It's awesome.I usually don't like funny books, but this one truly was science fiction melded with humer. YA books should be funny, I agree. It gets 'us damned illiterate kids' to read.I did. however, feel like there was too much story for one book.Ms. Kincaid, if you want to pack so much stuff into the series, make it longer than a trilogy. Nobody really minds a five or six book series.None the less, Insignia is a book worth your time if you like sci-fi, YA, humer or a coming-of age story.It hit kinda close to home for me. I'll leave it at that.Favorite line:"Who's chasing you?""Genghises. Large, angry Genghises."

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Sometimes YA fiction is just better. The narration was great as well.

LO AMELei solo el primero, y lo ame. esperp el segundo :)

Gamers! Interesante historia sobre este mundo!

Super fun read :)

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